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Current project 14. Tastex, Tas

14. Tastex Knitwear and Uniforms, Tas

Quick Win project No. 14: Tastex Knitwear and Uniforms, Tas

Tastex‚Äôs founding purpose is to provide employment and training for people with intellectual disabilities and to be self-funding through its knitwear factory. Tastex is a “Special Work” of the St Vincent de Paul Society, and is an Australian Disability Enterprise.

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People contributing to Tastex project

2016-06-28Ian and Tess FletcherTas$200.00
2016-06-28Karen HamiltonSA$50.00
2016-06-27P&M TasTas$1,000.00
2016-06-16Ben EllistonACT$100.00
2016-06-06Gaby JungTas$20.00
2016-06-022nd Moss Vale loan repayment$300.00
2016-06-012nd Pegasus loan repayment$320.00
2016-05-30Project 3, Beechworth 5th loan repayment$770.00
2016-05-27Greens MPs to compensate for travel emissions (rest of donation went to P12)$347.82
2016-05-26Big Win funds loan$5,000.00
Olimometer 2.52

Loan amount: Approx $35,000 (TBC)
Loan repayments: Approx $1,750/quarter (TBC)
Status: Current project

Work detailsCostExpected savings
30.68kW Solar PV:
115 x Trinasmart Solar 260 watt panels with Tigo optimisers
1 x 27 kilowatt Fronius Eco 3 phase inverter
1 x Gateway and Management Unit
1 x 3 phase smart meter
Note: Tastex will also be raising funds locally to cover part of the cost, and CORENA will provide the rest. The CORENA loan amount is likely to be around $35,000 (TBC)
42,553 kWh/year
Approx $8,000/year

Savings from CORENA loan: Approx $1,750/quarter
Current project 13. Kulchajam, NSW

13. Kulchajam, NSW

Quick Win project No. 13: Kulchajam, NSW

Kulchajam is a not-for-profit arts and cultural organisation in the Byron Bay Arts Industrial Estate that cultivates new models of creative collaboration and shared resources. We are set up as a model of community cultural development that integrates social enterprise principles, sustainability, cultural exchange, and artistic excellence.

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People contributing to Kulchajam project

2016-06-28John RollsSA$45/month
2016-06-28Anton MaurusVic$35/month
2016-06-27Peter WadeQld$20/week
2016-06-27Laquorius DeeSA$20/week
2016-06-27David CastlefordSA$10/week
2016-06-25Amie BlandenSA$10/month
2016-06-23Leanne CQld$25.00
2016-06-20Peter WadeQld$20/week
2016-06-20Laquorius DeeSA$20/week
2016-06-20Jean Pierre Redestorff$19.48/month
2016-06-20David LloydSA$25/month
2016-06-20David CastlefordSA$10/week
2016-06-17Chris SimmonsSA$10/month
2016-06-16Wayne StanfordSA$30/fortnight
2016-06-16Jonathan MaddoxNSW$50/month
2016-06-16Adam BarclayNSW$50.00
2016-06-14Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5/month
2016-06-13Peter WadeQld$20/week
2016-06-13Paul AndrewSA$20/month
2016-06-13Laquorius DeeSA$20/week
2016-06-13David CastlefordSA$10/week
2016-06-13Char GraingerVic$20/month
2016-06-06The Peacock FamilySA$300.00
2016-06-06Peter WadeQld$20/week
2016-06-06Laquorius DeeSA$20/week
2016-06-06Jacinta GreenNSW$5/month
2016-06-06David CastlefordSA$10/week
2016-06-02Wayne StanfordSA$30/fortnight
2016-06-01Ben EllistonACT$100.00
2016-06-013rd Ravenshoe loan repayment$855.00
2016-05-31Tim HartleyVic$50.00
2016-05-30Tegan - for daughter's 1st birthdayNSW$50.00
2016-05-30Robert ANSW$23.00
2016-05-30Peter WadeQld$20/week
2016-05-30Laquorius DeeSA$20/week
2016-05-30David CastlefordSA$10/week
2016-05-28John RollsSA$45/month
Olimometer 2.52

Loan amount: $6,000
Loan repayments: $450/quarter
Status: Current project

Work detailsCostExpected savings
6.24kW Solar PV
24 x 260W Risen panels
SMA 5000TL single phase -21 inverter