FIRST, as soon as you insert this template in the new project page, and BEFORE you make any changes to what you’ve just inserted (eg. removing instructions in purple in this template), CONVERT this entire reusable block to regular blocks. With ‘Block’ selected at right, click icon at top-left of screen and select ‘Change to regular blocks’.

If you don’t convert to regular blocks immediately, you’ll overwrite the template when you save the new page you are about to make.

At top of the page, insert the project image:
– Make sure the image has an informative filename before uploading to the media library, eg name of the org (but don’t start the image filoename with the project number to avoid the filename being the same as the project page filename)
– If necessary, compress the image (using tinypng) to something like 650Kb (definitely less than 1 MB)
– Upload the image to the media library and, at the medial library, select the image and enter an ‘Alternative text’ (to be displayed if image not displayed and to help SEO)
– You can edit the image in the media library to give it the standard aspect ration of 16:9.
– Insert the image in the project page using the ‘from media library’ option. If not already 16:9, you can set that aspect ratio after insertion.

Project [number] – [Org name], [state]

Insert a short paragraph or two about the org and the project content so donors know what they are supporting. When project is completed, rewrite the blurb to reflect what the project achieved.

Insert link to the org website or Facebook page here.

IF installed and switched on already, make ‘Achieved so far’ table in the Project Achievements Google sheet and embed that interactive iframe code here and insert subheader and note text (either from reusable blocks or just copy from earlier pages).

For a project that still needs donations, keep the following button and edit the text on it, and check it is linking to the Donate page, and delete red fully funded text below:

If fully funded already, delete the above button and keep the red text below:

This project has been fully funded – Thank you!

Insert the progress bar – embed the interactive progress bar if fundraising still in progress, but replace with a static image of the progress bar when fully funded.

If project is already fully funded when making the new page, click the image below and select ‘Replace’, then replace with the image for this project (upload to media library first so you can insert from there so that the image alternative text is already captured).

When inserting iframe code for interactive progress bar, add <p> at the start of the code and </p> at the end so that it aligns correctly on the page. eg to look like the one below.

Honour roll

Thanks to all the people who have donated to this project.

Replace the honour roll iframe code below with the relevant interactive iframe embed code for this new project. Honour rolls must remain interactive even when funding is completed.

Loan details

Loan amount: $[amount]
Loan repayments: $[amount] quarterly
Status: Current project / Funded project / Completed project
Installation date: [date]

If project loan already given, insert here the interactive embed code showing loan repayments so far.

Work details

[number] kW solar electricity system [or whatever the project is]
[panel type, eg. Canadian Solar 415W MONO (BLK) solar panels]
[inverter type, eg. Fronius SYMO 20.0-3-M Inverter]
[any other project details, eg. Fronius web monitoring and a Fronius smart meter]

Cost: $[amount]
Expected savings: [number] kWh and $[amount] per year

Reduction in carbon emissions/yr: Equivalent to [to calculate the number, divide kWh/yr by 5548] average households using renewable electricity instead of grid electricity.

Insert a photo gallery below if/when other images are available, such as installation photos.

Below is the generic call to action bar to use IF a project is already fully funded, but delete it if not yet funded and you still have the big Donate button near the top of the page.

Insert Projects menu bottom bar below from reusable blocks and DON’T convert it to a regular block – you want it to update automatically on every page when a new project is added to the reusable block.