Enova Community Generator

Funded Breakthrough project: Enova Community generator

In collaboration with CORENA, the Enova Community non-profit arm of Enova is installing 18kW of solar PV on their roof, with all the output to be exported to the grid and bought by the Enova retailer to sell to their customers. This is owned by Enova Community rather than CORENA, but is a first-of-kind project that would not have been possible without the interest-free loan from the Big Win funds. Our loan will be fully repaid in five years, and as repayments come in that money will be used again for other projects.

System installed on the roof of Enova Energy:
18kw Grid Connect Micro Inverter Solar System
60 x Trina 300 watt solar panels
60 x Enphase S270 micro-Inverters

Loan amount: $19,631
Payback term: 5 years
Repaid so far:

Images coming soon!