Ethical Enterprise 1: Peacemakers, SA

Funded Breakthrough: Ethical Enterprise 1 – Peacemakers, SA

Peacemakers are setting up aquaponics, biogas working installations and organic gardens using permaculture methods. Their aim is to research sustainable methods and technologies to help people locally and internationally to develop a better way of life and alleviate poverty where it exists. Once these foundations for life are in place education is of primary importance.
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The solar installation will be used for educational purposes as well as reducing Peacemakers carbon footprint.

See the time-lapse video below of the solar installation on Aug 1-2, 2018.

See a live display of Peacemaker’s solar generation at

System installed at Peacemakers:
10.05kW Solar System
*30 x LG 335W NeON2 Solar Panels (LG335N1C-A5)
*1 x SolarEdge 8kW Inverter Three Phase E-Series (SE8KE)
*30 x SolarEdge P370 Optimisers
*Clenergy Railing System
*IPD rooftop DC Isolators
*PVF-1 Solar DC Cable
*Olaire 25 year UV rated HD Solar Conduit
*Generate Energy 5 Year Workmanship Warranty
Supply and Install SolarEdge Modbus Meter 3 x CT’s for Three Phase

Loan amount: $15,890.00
Installed 2/8/18
Payback term: 4 years
Repaid so far: