17. Landlord-tenant 1: Albert, Uralla, NSW

Project 17: Landlord-tenant project 1 – Albert, Uralla, NSW

Z-NET Uralla provided a free home energy assessment for this residential rental premises and recommended the premises for one of our interest-free solar PV loans. The landlord intends to improve insulation in addition to installing solar PV.

Landlords who apply for a CORENA loan undertake to discuss our scheme with their tenants and to collect no more than half of the tenant’s savings on power bills via a small increase in rent. This is intended to split the benefit of the solar installation roughly equally between tenant and landlord. In this particular case, the landlord is not asking the current tenant for any rent increase, but can expect to charge a slightly higher rent to future tenants.

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* The CO2 figures are very approximate. The subsequent projects assisted by funds originally donated to this project have been and continue to be implemented at widely different places and times at which different carbon intensity factors apply.

Loan amount: $8,710.00
Install date: 5/7/17

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NOTE: Over half of this project was funded by loan repayments after Big Win funds were used for temporary loans to Quick Win projects. When those loans were repaid into the Big Win funding stream those donations were used for a second time for this landlord-tenant solar project.

Payback term: 6 years
Repaid so far:

System installed at the rental property:
4.62 kWp
14 x LG 330 Watt panels
SMA SB5.0-1AV-inverter
Clenergy EZ-Rack (incl. lift legs)