Big Win Vision

Want action on the climate emergency? Want a 50MW solar thermal plant with storage as one step towards 100% renewable energy? All it needs is $8 per week for ONE year from around 720,000 people.

That is the Big Win fund vision we started off with, and we still think this type of grand grid-scale project is a great vision IF those funds can be accumulated quickly enough. Speed is important because funds sitting in our account achieve nothing.

In September 2020 we merged the previously separate Big Win and Quick Win revolving funds into one ‘Quick Win climate project’ revolving fund so that ALL donated funds can be used more promptly and effectively.

We might still pursue a grid-scale renewable electricity project at some stage if a suitable opportunity arises, but for now that ambition is on hold.

In the past if a town needed a bridge or a school, the townsfolk who wanted it would pool their resources and build one, for the sake of the common good. Similarly, if everyone who wants more grid-scale renewable electricity chips in, we could build a citizen-owned renewable electricity generation facility, with all subsequent profit used to build yet more of them.