Breakthrough Big Wins

Current Big Wins – the Breakthrough projects

The Breakthrough projects may be tiny in size, but are big in terms of impact.

Currently Big Win funds are earmarked for our landlord-tenant scheme (breaking the split-benefit impasse) and for ‘ethical enterprises’, that is, worthy causes that don’t qualify for our Quick Win projects.

Big Win contributions from 1/1/2018 onwards


See the honour roll on the main Big Win Projects page for earlier donations to the Big Win projects.

Breakthrough 1: Enova Community generator

In collaboration with CORENA, the Enova Community non-profit arm of Enova is installing 18kW of solar PV on their roof, with all the output to be exported to the grid and bought by the Enova retailer to sell to their customers. This is owned by Enova Community rather than CORENA, but is a first-of-kind project that would not have been possible without the interest-free loan of $19,631 provided from the Big Win funds. Our loan will be fully repaid in five years, and as repayments come in that money will be used again for other projects. Details here.

Breakthrough 2: Landlord-tenant scheme

We are currently partnering with Z-NET Uralla on a truly ground-breaking funding model intended to break the ‘split benefit’ impasse that generally makes solar PV and energy efficiency measures close to impossible for most rented premises. Initially this will just be a small pilot project to test the waters, with a view to making this funding model more broadly available once we can demonstrate it working successfully. See the sidebar for details of projects already funded under this scheme.

See current details for the landlord-tenant scheme here.

Breakthrough 3: Ethical Enterprise scheme

Occasional we receive requests to give interest-free loans for solar installations at enterprises that are not strictly or wholely non-profit but which are nevertheless eager for and deserving of help to reduce their carbon footprint. Our first such project is a solar installation for Peacemakers in SA. Details here.