Campaign Asks

Chances are you want lots of people to chip in so that Stage 1 work on the solar thermal plant can start very soon. Below are some suggestions for things you can do to help reach the 50,000 people who collectively can make it happen. Please find at least one thing on this page that appeals to you, and do it!

Tweet: 50,000 People Campaign - Help find others who want climate action too! #50kpeople
TIP: Bookmark this page now so the links and tags you will need are at your fingertips! We’ll also be adding new campaign materials here from time to time.

Quick Facebook tasks you can probably do right now

  • Like our Facebook page, and invite friends to Like the page too.
  • Share one of our 50,000 People Campaign posts on your own Facebook timeline and tag some of your friends.

Twitter tasks for whenever you have a few moments

  • Follow us on Twitter (@CORENAfund), and retweet some of our tweets.
  • Write your own tweets and include one of the short form links and hashtags shown in the sidebar. Include one of the images shown on this page if you want.


If you prefer to send emails, please include the link to the 50,000 People campaign page ( Here are a couple of example sentences that you could include if you want:

I’ve just chipped in to help build Australia’s first citizen-owned solar thermal plant with storage, and I thought you might want to be part of this too. CORENA currently has a campaign to reach 50,000 people who want to see tangible climate results. 50,000 people x $100 (avg) = $5 million, which is enough for Stage 1 of the solar thermal project. Any amount is fine, but quite a lot of people seem to be chipping in $100, and others (like me) are setting up small recurring weekly or monthly contributions.

Offline actions

  • Download and print this A4 poster and pin it on a noticeboard somewhere, or print small flyers (4 per A4 page) to hand out.
  • Face-to-face conversations are still the most effective. Remember, you are not really asking people to “donate” in the usual sense. You are alerting them to an opportunity to help achieve the tangible climate results that so many of us want.
  • Download this PowerPoint presentation and give a talk to you local climate-related group. 50,000 People Campaign slide show
  • Wear a badge or put a magnet on your fridge. See promo items here.
Badge (small or large)

Badge (small or large)

Magnets (business card size)

Magnets (business card size)

Join the social media team helping to build the 50,000 People campaign!

You will receive one team email every few weeks listing a few quick asks. Mainly these will be social media tasks, and occasionally other things. You can skip any requests that don’t appeal to you, or ignore them all if you are short of time that week. If you’d like to be part of this 50,000 People campaign team, please subscribe to the team emails below.

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