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Current Big Win

We don’t actually know what our next Big Win project will be just yet, but people are crying out for tangible things anyone can do to tackle the climate emergency. Now that our transparent revolving fund mechanism has been well and truly tested we are looking to scale-up emissions abatement by tackling some larger projects.

For example, a CORENA loan might help fund one or more of the small/mid-sized solar projects that sell to the grid and which typically have difficulty finding enough finance, or we might manage to organise a series of 99kW behind-the-meter projects, or….??? Please tell us if you know of a good project for people-powered emissions abatement!

As always, the key criteria are:
– projects that represent cost-effective reductions in carbon emissions
– projects that would be unlikely to go ahead without help from the public via our revolving fund

The good/bad news is that right now there is very little in our Big Win revolving fund, but that is because almost everything contributed so far is ‘out there’ busily reducing emissions for everyone’s benefit. We are very happy about that! And as always, loan repayments from those completed projects, alongside future donations, will help fund your next Big Win.

Chip in to help fund your next Big Win!

Big Win contributions from 1/1/2020 onwards

See the honour rolls on the main Big Win Projects page for earlier donations to the Big Win projects.