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Current breakthrough projects

Breakthrough projects: Landlord-tenant scheme and Ethical Enterprise scheme

We are partnering with Z-NET Uralla on a truly ground-breaking funding model intended to break the ‘split benefit’ impasse that generally makes solar PV and energy efficiency measures close to impossible for most rented premises.

We offer an interest-free loan to the landlord for solar PV and/or energy efficiency improvements on the undertaking that they will raise their rent by no more than half of what the tenant will save on power bills, so both tenant and landlord benefit.

Ethical Enterprise projects are for worthy endeavours that donโ€™t qualify for our Quick Win projects (Quick Win loans are strictly for non-profit organisations).

As loan repayments come back in to our Big Win revolving fund they will help pay for future projects.

Big Win contributions from 1/1/2018 onwards

See the honour roll on the main Big Win Projects page for earlier donations to the Big Win projects.

We have already funded solar installations for three Uralla rental properties and an insulation project for another. We have also funded one solar installation under the Ethical Enterprise scheme and a community generator project with Enova. The progress thermometer above shows how much we have remaining for future Breakthrough loans.