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Uralba Retirement Village, NSW

Quick Win project No. 25: Uralba Retirement Village, NSW

It is the aim of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff to provide a safe, secure and homely environment for the elderly residents of Uralba.
Uralbaโ€™s mission is to preserve the rights to dignity and privacy, along with encouraging residents to live as independently as possible, and to empower them to participate in the day to day decisions of the Hostel.

Chip in to help fund solar for Uralba Retirement Village!

People contributing to Project 25

Loan amount: Approx $33,000 TBC
Loan repayments: Approx $3,000/quarter TBC
Status: Current project
Installation date: TBA

Work details CostExpected savings
36kW solar TBC
Approx $33,000 TBCApprox $13,500/year TBC
Approx 52,000 kWh/year of grid electricity avoided(*) TBC

* ‘Grid electricity avoided’ refers to the total solar generation per year. It is the amount of more carbon-intensive grid electricity that is avoided at the site + solar exports which are used by others on the grid.