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CANWin – Climate Action Now Wingecarribee Inc

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Many hands make renewable energy work

CANWin (Climate Action Now! Wingecarribee) works to minimise climate change and prepare for its effects. CANWin runs regular public events, such as speaker evenings, film nights, and workshops.

We research and prepare information sheets for members and the public on scientific and technical matters that affect the sustainability of life on the NSW Southern Highlands.

What CANWin is doing as a CORENA regional partner

  • CANWin energy working group is calling for expressions of interest from local community groups to partner in a renewable energy Quick Win Project at community-owned facilities.
  • In the meantime, we are promoting CORENA Quick Win Projects and the Big Win Projects to the local community at our public events.
  • The Moss Vale community garden off-grid solar project was organised and designed by CANWin. It was fully funded in record time (Nov. 2015) with the help of CANWin fundraising and local promotion.

Ultimately, we hope to adopt a similar methodology to engage the Southern Highlands broader community in a local large-scale community renewable energy project.

CANWin Honour Roll

2015-11-04JoMoss Vale QWP$100.00
2015-11-04Flower sales DT & MMMoss Vale QWP$250.00
2015-11-03John MarksMoss Vale QWP$50.00
2015-10-26H & G showMoss Vale QWP$80.00
2015-09-30Jill CMoss Vale QWP$100.00
2015-09-30Adrienne WestmanMoss Vale QWP$97.10
2015-09-30Phillip and Judy MarshallMoss Vale QWP$100.00
2015-09-25Nathan BurkeMoss Vale QWP$100.00
2015-09-21Keith MewesMoss Vale QWP$50.00
2015-05-29Sandra OatesBig Win$50.00
2014-12-05Sandra OatesBig Win$100.00
2014-10-27 For IsabellaBig Win$100.00
2014-07-02CANWin one panel2nd Quick Win$500.00
2014-03-245 x $1 challenge2nd Quick Win$5.00
2014-03-17Mike Meldrum2nd Quick Win$100.00
2014-03-12 For IsabellaBig Win$45.00
2014-02-26IsabellaBig Win$75.00
2014-01-25Grants' ChristmasBig Win $100.00
2013-11-17Climate Action
1st Quick Win
has raised
$1,722.10 for
Quick Win

…so far

has raised
$470.00 for
the Big Win

…so far

Transition Gawler

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Transition Gawler website
Transition Gawler on Facebook.
Gawler Garden and Produce Share
Transition Gawler Chat Group

T Gawler food swap

We are a group of Gawler residents inspired by Transition Initiatives around the world. Our core purpose is to mobilise and facilitate sustainable community-scale action in the Gawler region in order to respond effectively to climate change. An important part of this is finding positive, creative and community-building ways to avoid fossil fuel use.

We are thrilled to be part of creating the second ever CORENA project. The Gawler Community House has been contributing to the local community for many years and we are happy to give such a great organisation a (solar powered) boost. In 2014 we will be establishing a Transition Gawler Energy group to further develop our partnership with CORENA.

We will work with the Gawler Community House to investigate specific fundraising events and to generate local media interest, and we will be promoting the Gawler Community House project at outreach activities such as:

  • our ‘Gawler’s Energy Evening Info session’
  • fortnightly Garden and Produce Swaps
  • our monthly ‘Crafternoon’ in the pub
  • monthly workshops, such as soap-making, vegetable wicking bed making, open gardens

Transition Gawler Honour Roll

Spiritual Centre
2014-07-01GCH donation jar$10.00
2014-05-28GCH donation jar$32.50
2014-05-21GCH donation jar
($1 challenge)
2014-05-21Mavis O'Hara
($1 challenge)
2014-05-18Chris Tyerman
($1 challenge)
2014-05-18March in May
($1 bucket - Rachel)
2014-05-14Vicky Schreiber
(19 x $1 challenge)
2014-05-14Bel Moore
($1 challenge)
2014-05-08V. Henley
($1 challenge x 2)
2014-04-24$1 challenge x 8$10.00
2014-04-14Marie Vonow$5.00
2014-04-09Community House
$1 challenge jar
2014-04-09Vanessa Henley$10.00
2014-03-31Gawler Garden and
Produce Share
2014-03-31Wanderers 4WD
2014-03-2512 x $1 challenge$15.00
2014-03-17V R Henley
($1 challenge)
2014-03-17 19:Heather Brown$40.00
2014-02-18 18:E Hatcher$80.00
2014-02-18 16:Vanessa Henley$25.00
2014-02-04 09:Dalwood/Warhurst
has raised
for projects

…so far


Transition Town Guildford


TT Guildford

See Transition Town Guildford website, and FaceBook page.
Email contact:

Transition Town Guildford is a group based in Guildford and surrounds, Western Australia. Our vision is to ‘Cultivate a Strongly Connected Community and a Healthy Environment’.

We are partnering with CORENA by raising funds for the Quick Win Projects for community organisations, and for the Big Win Projects.

  • We are ear-marking a portion of the profits from our film nights to go to CORENA solar projects and also a portion of the Transition Town Guildford membership fees.


Our Energy Action Group is in the process of developing a community-owned solar PV project.

Transition Town Guildford Honour Roll

2015-07-20Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-07-20Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-07-13Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-07-13Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-07-06Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-07-06Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-06-29Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-06-29Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-06-22Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-06-22Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-06-15Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-06-15Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-06-08Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-06-08Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-06-01Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-06-01Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-05-25Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-05-25Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-05-18Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-05-18Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-05-11Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-05-11Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-05-04Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-05-04Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-04-27Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-04-27Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-04-20Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-04-20Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-04-13Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-04-13Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-04-13TT GuildfordQuick Win$200.00
2015-04-10Barb FreyQuick Win$10/week
2015-04-07Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-04-07Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-03-30Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-03-30Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-03-23Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-03-23Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-03-16Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-03-16Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-03-09Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-03-09Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-03-02Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-03-02Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-02-23Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-02-23Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-02-16Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-02-16Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-02-09Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-02-09Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-02-02Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-02-02Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-01-26Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-01-26Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-01-19Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-01-19Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-01-12Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-01-12Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2015-01-05Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2015-01-05Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2014-12-29Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2014-12-29Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2014-12-22Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2014-12-22Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2014-12-22Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2014-12-22Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2014-12-15Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2014-12-15Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2014-12-08Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2014-12-08Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2014-12-01Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2014-12-01Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2014-11-24Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2014-11-24Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2014-11-17Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2014-11-17Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2014-11-17Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2014-11-17Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2014-11-10Barb FreyQuick Win$8/week
2014-11-10Barb FreyBig Win$12/week
2014-09-25Barb's friendBig Win$300.00
2014-09-21Perth rallyBig Win$100.00
2014-03-14TT GuildfordQuick Win$50.00
2014-02-12TT GuildfordQuick Win$50.00
TT Guildford
has raised
$614.00 for
Quick Win

…so far

TT Guildford
has raised
$856.00 for
the Big Win

…so far