CORENA t-shirts and/or mugs

Ordering CORENA t-shirts from Red Bubble

You can order a basic unisex t-shirt that has a large CORENA logo on the front from Red Bubble, for $27 including postage. Or, other clothing options are available at higher prices. See here.

How to order CORENA t-shirts and/or mugs from Vistaprint

Note: Vistaprint provides printed promo items of a basic quality, but they are reliable, fairly quick, and not as expensive as other online printing services. You can of course use the t-shirt image below to order higher quality items or different garments from other sources if you prefer.

Hint: Read through the instructions below before starting. The order process is really quite simple and largely intuitive, but we’ve provided detailed instructions in case you need them. The key points are in bold.

1. Download the CORENA t-shirt image below and save it to your computer. To download the image, right-click the image and select “Save as”. Make sure the image size is still 2239 x 2339 (520KB) after it is saved. If you have any trouble with this step, email and ask us to email the image to you.

Image for t-shirts or mugs

Image for t-shirts or mugs

2. Go to the Vistaprint website and select either men’s, women’s, or kid’s t-shirts, then select the SignatureSoft option. (The Basic option is a bit cheaper but poor quality.) Or, you can select the long-sleeved option if you prefer. Click “Get Started”.

OR, to order just a mug but no t-shirt, select Photo Gifts > Personalised Mugs, then select the “Photo Mugs” option. Then click Browse and upload the image saved as in Step 1 above. Then just click through the next couple of screens without doing anything till you reach the review screen (Step 6 below). Subsequent steps are the same as for t-shirts.

3. For t-shirts, choose the “Upload a Complete Design” option (the first option shown), and click “Get Started”. You are then shown two format options: large centred image or small image at upper-left. Select the large-image option and click Next.

4. To upload the image, click Browse, and upload the CORENA t-shirt image that you saved to your computer in Step 1.

5. After you upload the image you should see a new screen saying “Upload Complete – Your image resolution is excellent” and showing you an image like the one below. Just leave everything as is and click Next through the next couple of screens without doing anything (or you can add something on the back of the t-shirt if you really want but it costs extra) until you see the “Review Your SignatureSoft Women’s/Men’s T-shirt” screen.

Vistaprint screen at Step 5

Vistaprint screen at Step 5

6. On the review screen, click the “Online Proof Approval” checkbox, then click Next. If you have not already signed in or signed up for a Vistaprint account, you will now be asked to enter an email address and password in order to save your design.

7. In the next screen, select your size(s) (there’s a link to see size details) and quantity of t-shirts. You can include multiple t-shirts of varying sizes in the one order. This time when you click Next, Vistaprint will try to tempt you to buy other products with the same image as the t-shirt. There is no point ordering any of those items unless it is something that will be seen by lots of people, like maybe a mug to use at your desk at work. If you DO want a CORENA mug, simply click the “Add to my order” checkbox under the photo mug (not the collage or wraparound option, and no need to edit the image or anything else), then click Next or “Go to Cart” to go to the shopping cart page and see your order. Note that at this stage prices have not yet had GST added on. If you have ordered a mug, on the Vistaprint screen it should look like the image below.

Vistaprint photo mug

Vistaprint photo mug

8. If your order looks good, go to checkout and enter your delivery address and credit card, etc. Select “Standard delivery” ($7.99). That is generally pretty quick (less than a week), so paying extra for faster options is rarely a good idea. You might see a note on the delivery address page warning that customs will add import duty in some countries, but that doesn’t apply in Australia.

Once checkout and payment (credit card, PayPal, or BPay) are completed, Vistaprint will still try to tempt you to buy something else within the next 10 minutes. This is only very occasionally worth doing!

Vistaprint pricing

Vistaprint almost always have some sort of special offer, so it is unlikely you’ll need to pay the full price on anything. Once you have ordered something (or even just set up an account), they will email you discount offers, which sometimes can save you quite a lot.

Prices before GST

SignatureSoft t-shirt: Full price $20 (often discounted to about $15)
Photo mugs: Full price $15 (often discounted to about $10)
Standard delivery: $8 (usually just $8 for the entire order regardless of the number of items)