Donate to a project

All donations up to $10,000 will be doubled through our matching campaign! Follow this link to double your donation!

Thank you for donating to help reduce carbon emissions for the common good. Our revolving fund will multiply the impact of your donation by lending it over and over again for funding future projects. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

There are three ways you can donate:

  1. Credit Card
    – Quick easy donations via our Chuffed page.
  2. PayPal
    – Best if you are donating from outside Australia
    – Quick and easy with your credit/debit card
  3. Internet banking transfer
    – Best for our admin people
    – Best impact from your donation (no fees)
    – By far the best for recurring donations
    Please fill in the form below and then use Internet banking to send us your donation. *If possible please send the donation via direct transfer or direct credit rather than OSKO as our bank is currently having problems receiving OSKO payments. Your bank may either have the option to select a direct transfer or you can schedule the payment to avoid sending via OSKO.

Submit the form below, then use Internet banking funds transfer or cheque to send your donation, or deposit it in person at any People’s Choice Credit Union branch.

If you would like to make a substantial donation we can multiply its impact even further by using it in a donation matching fundraising campaign. Please contact us at to find out how.

*Our bank is currently experiencing problems with internet transfers meaning a small number of donors have found their donation is being rejected and returned to their account. If you experience this problem please let us know at We are trying to resolve the problem as quickly as possible but if you are finding you are unable to donate this way please use our Chuffed page instead.

Our account details

Our account details will be emailed to you when you submit the above form, but just in case, here they are again:
BSB: 805050
Account No: 99997731
Account name: CORENA
Reference: Your name