Movement-wide climate petition collaboration

• Get wider exposure for your own petitions: add them to the list

Whenever you launch a new climate-related petition or ready-to-send email campaign, add it to the embeddable list here:

• Help other groups reach more people: embed the list on your website

Copy and paste an iframe code into your own website to embed the petition list on your own site. You won’t need to worry about updating the list – that will happen automatically every time a new petition is added to the central petition list on Google Drive.

To receive the code, contact or

Or, simply link to the list at one of the pages below.

See how it works on or

Embeddable list of current climate petitions – for everyone to share!

The list is reserved for climate-related petitions. They can be global, national, state, or local.

Here is a banner you can post on any page. You can make it clickable to the petitions list – like this: