10. Parke Holme Community Child Care, SA

Quick Win project No. 10: Parke Holme Community Child Care, SA

Past projects have been either solar-only or a mix of solar PV and energy efficiency (EE) measures. This is our first EE-only project, replacing all the Parke Holme CCC fluoro tubes and halogen downlights with energy efficient LED lighting. Energy efficiency is an equally important part of the transition to 100% renewable energy as solar PV, and in some cases is an even more cost effective way of reducing carbon emissions.

Note: The payback time on a LED lighting upgrade depends greatly on the number of hours lighting is used. Parke Holme CCC lighting is in use during all opening hours, from 6.45am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, so their lighting upgrade will pay for itself in around 2 years.

Due to recent changes in SA Power Networks regulations affecting new solar installations, it is likely any future Quick Win projects in SA will also be EE-only projects, but we’ll continue to fund solar-only and solar+EE projects in other parts of Australia.

See what has been achieved via the CORENA loan to Parkeholme Community Child Care so far

Note: The ‘At subsequent projects’ figures should be a bit higher than shown below. This is because we temporarily used some Big Win funds to help fund some of our early Quick Win projects, and when we later repaid that amount to the Big Win fund we used two loan repayments from Parke Holme ($800) to help pay that back. That money is now achieving reductions in carbon emissions via the Big Win landlord-tenant solar scheme, but that benefit is not reflected in the table shown below.

As of 04/10/18, the loan to Parkeholme Community Child Care has achieved:

Project 10 kW (solar &/or
EE equivalent)
MWh to date
Approx* CO2
avoided to date
Dollar value
of achievement
At Parkeholme Community Child Care 2.08 kW 15.89 MWh 15.89 t $3,760
At subsequent projects 2.52 kW 3.98 MWh 3.98 t $3,517
Total 4.60 kW 19.87 MWh 19.87 t $7,277

Install date: 19/01/16.
Number of days in operation: 989.

* Since the amount of CO2 avoided is highly dependent on the fuel source used for local grid electricity, and since each CORENA project is in a different location, we have used 1MWh = 1 tonne as a rough approximation across all projects.

Project 10 is now fully funded. Thank You!

People contributing to Project 10

2016-01-056th Gawler loan repayment (part)$1,266.27
2016-01-05Christine Anderson$500.00
2016-01-04Jacinta GreenNSW$5/month
2016-01-04Tim HartleyVic$50.00
2016-01-04Tom HalbertNSW$25.00
2016-01-042nd loan repayment from Nannup CRC$900.00
2016-01-04Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2016-01-04David CastlefordSA$8/week
2015-12-31Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2015-12-30Peter WadeQld$11/week
2015-12-29Dave & Denece ClarkeSA$210.00
2015-12-29Warwick StoneVic$10.00
2015-12-29Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2015-12-29David CastlefordSA$8/week
2015-12-29Anton MaurusVic$35/month
2015-12-28John RollsSA$45/month
2015-12-26Amie BlandenSA$10/month
2015-12-25Peter Wade - Gift for LauraQld$100.00
2015-12-25Peter Wade - Gift for Emma, Phillip, Koopa and OliverQld$100.00
2015-12-24Robert ANSW$20.00
2015-12-23Peter WadeQld$11/week
Olimometer 2.52

Loan amount: $3,760
Loan repayments: $400/quarter
Status: Funded project
Loan repayments received so far:

Work details CostExpected savings
- Replace 61x 36W fluorescent lamps with 18W LED lamps
Note: A 36W fluoro plus ballast uses around 46W.
- Replace 8x 50W halogen downlights with 9W LED fittings
Note: A 50W halogen downlight actually uses around 55W.