12. Yackandandah Health, Vic

Quick Win project No. 12: Yackandandah Health, Vic

This project is helping the town of Yackandandah get a bit closer to its 100% renewable energy goal. Yackandandah Health is the local non-profit community-owned hospital. They have already installed a 90kW solar PV system and started replacing their lights with LED alternatives, but they have a lot of lights! They’ve asked us to help replace the rest of their lights, and we are delighted to do so, since simply improving energy efficiency will take the town a lot closer to reaching the 100% renewable energy goal.
Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY)

See what has been achieved via the CORENA loan to Yackandandah Health so far

Note: The ‘At subsequent projects’ figures should be a bit higher than shown below. This is because we temporarily used some Big Win funds to help fund some of our early Quick Win projects, and when we later repaid that amount to the Big Win fund we used two loan repayments from Yack Health ($2,000) to help pay that back. That money is now achieving reductions in carbon emissions via the Big Win landlord-tenant solar scheme, but that benefit is not reflected in the table shown below.

As of 04/10/18, the loan to Yackandandah Health has achieved:

Project 12 kW (solar &/or
EE equivalent)
MWh to date
Approx* CO2
avoided to date
Dollar value
of achievement
At Yackandandah Health 11.00 kW 37.05 MWh 37.05 t $20,000
At subsequent projects 4.45 kW 3.60 MWh 3.60 t $6,746
Total 15.45 kW 40.65 MWh 40.65 t $26,746

Install date: 14/06/16.
Number of days in operation: 842.

* Since the amount of CO2 avoided is highly dependent on the fuel source used for local grid electricity, and since each CORENA project is in a different location, we have used 1MWh = 1 tonne as a rough approximation across all projects.

The Yack Health Project is fully funded – thank you!

People contributing to Yack Health Project (P12)

2016-05-27Greens MPs to compensate for travel emissions$1,412.18
2016-06-06Ali - Go Yack!Vic$50.00
2016-05-26Anton MaurusVic$35/month
2016-05-25Nick CumboVic$10.48
2016-05-25Amie BlandenSA$10/month
2016-05-23Peter WadeQld$20/week
2016-05-23David CastlefordSA$10/week
2016-05-23Laquorious DeeSA$20/week
2016-05-23Matthew Charles-JonesVic$50.00
2016-05-23Tulgeen 10th loan repayment$1,000.00
2016-05-20David LloydSA$25/month
2016-05-18Jean Pierre Redestorff$19.18/month
2016-05-18Tom Nockolds - PingalaNSW$97.10
2016-05-17Marg & Terry - Happy 50th Wedding AnniversaryVic$200.00
2016-05-178th Gawler loan repayment$2,040.80
2016-05-17Chris SimmonsSA$10/month
2016-05-16Peter WadeQld$20/week
2016-05-16David CastlefordSA$10/week
2016-05-16Laquorious DeeSA$20/week
2016-05-16Jonathan MaddoxNSW$50/month
2016-05-16Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5/month
2016-05-16Jennifer (was for Sudbury)Qld$20.00
2016-05-13Nick CumboVic$4.90
2016-05-11Char GraingerVic$20/month
2016-05-09Peter WadeQld$20/week
2016-05-09David CastlefordSA$10/week
2016-05-09Laquorious DeeSA$20/week
2016-05-09Frank LinQld$450.00
(1 panel)
2016-05-05ACT Environment and Planning DirectorateNSW$160.00
2016-05-05Wayne StanfordSA$30/fortnight
2016-05-04Jacinta GreenNSW$5/month
2016-05-03Wendy HQld$200.00
2016-05-03Peter WadeQld$15/week
2016-05-02David CastlefordSA$8/week
2016-05-02Laquorious DeeSA$20/week
2016-05-02Tim HartleyVic$50/month
2016-05-02Robert AlibrandiNSW$25.00
2016-04-28John RollsSA$45/month
2016-04-27Nick CumboVic$6.77
2016-04-26Peter WadeQld$15/week
2016-04-26David CastlefordSA$8/week
2016-04-26Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2016-04-26Anton MaurusVic$35/month
2016-04-26David GibsonACT$1,000.00
2+ panels
2016-04-26Camden 4th loan repayment$673.00
2016-04-26Ben EllistonACT$100.00
2016-04-25Amie BlandenSA$10/month
2016-04-221st loan repayment Parkeholme$400.00
2016-04-222nd loan repayment Warradale$761.00
2016-04-21Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2016-04-21Tim PriceTas$450.00
1 panel
2016-04-20David LloydSA$25/month
2016-04-19Peter WadeQld$15/week
2016-04-18David CastlefordSA$8/week
2016-04-18Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2016-04-18Jean Pierre Redestorff$19.18/month
2016-04-18Jonathan MaddoxNSW$50/month
2016-04-18Chris SimmonsSA$10/month
2016-04-15Mike CraddockNSW$75.00
2016-04-15Mike CraddockNSW$75.00
2016-04-14Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5/month
2016-04-14Big Win funds$5,000
2016-04-13Ben EllistonACT$100.00
2016-04-13Nick CumboVic$6.87
2016-04-12Peter WadeQld$15/week
2016-04-11David CastlefordSA$8/week
2016-04-11Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2016-04-11Char GraingerVic$20/month
2016-04-11Nicky, CPANSW$50.00
2016-04-07Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2016-04-05Peter WadeQld$15/week
2016-04-04David CastlefordSA$8/week
2016-04-04Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2016-04-04Jacinta GreenNSW$5/month
2016-04-04Tim HartleyVic$50/month
2016-04-013rd Nannup loan repayment$900.00
2016-03-30Nick CumboVic$6.77
2016-03-301st loan repayment Moss Vale$300.00
2016-03-29Peter WadeQld$15/week
2016-03-29David CastlefordSA$8/week
2016-03-29Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2016-03-29Anton MaurusVic$35/month
2016-03-28John RollsSA$45/month
2016-03-25Amie BlandenSA$10/month
2016-03-24Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2016-03-22Peter WadeQld$15/week
2016-03-22Nick CumboVic$4.92
2016-03-21Nick CumboVic$2.13
2016-03-21David CastlefordSA$8/week
2016-03-21Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2016-03-21David LloydSA$25/month
2016-03-18Chris SimmonsSA$10/month
2016-03-18Jean Pierre Redestorff$19.18/month
2016-03-18Nick CumboVic$7.32
2016-03-16Jonathan MaddoxNSW$50/month
2016-03-16Nick CumboVic$6.86
2016-03-15Peter WadeQld$15/week
2016-03-14David CastlefordSA$8/week
2016-03-14Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2016-03-14Ravenshoe 2nd loan repayment$855.00
2016-03-14Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5/month
2016-03-11Char GraingerVic$20.00
2016-03-10Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2016-03-09Margaret Penfold-NewtonSA$200.00
2016-03-08Peter WadeQld$15/week
2016-03-07David CastlefordSA$8/week
2016-03-07Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2016-03-04Jacinta GreenNSW$5/month
2016-03-01Peter WadeQld$15/week
2016-03-01Tim HartleyVic$50.00
2016-02-29David CastlefordSA$8/week
2016-02-29Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2016-02-28John RollsSA$45/month
2016-02-26Anton MaurusVic$35/month
2016-02-261st loan repayment from Pegasus$320.00
2016-02-25Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2016-02-25Amie BlandenSA$10/month
2016-02-24Beechworth 4th Loan repayment (part)$709.28

Loan amount: $20,000
Loan repayments: $1,000/quarter
Status: Funded project
Loan repayments received so far:

Work details CostExpected savings
Totals:$20,000 loanSavings resulting from our loan: Approx $4,000/annum
Replacing fluro light fittings with 24W LED oyster fittings in all hallways, residents' rooms and ensuites.
Replacing fluro fittings with 9W LED tubes in utility rooms and skylights.
Replacing 57 external security lights with 14W LED bunker fittings
Total cost: $26,443.56
CORENA lending $20,000 of that
Since the hospital is on a demand tariff and it is difficult to accurately estimate exactly how much demand charges will be reduced, we can't give an exact savings figure.