18. Mansfield Kindergarten, Vic

Quick Win project No. 17: Mansfield Kindergarten, Vic

Mansfield Kindergarten is a not for profit, community run organisation that has been providing quality early childhood education to our local families for the past 65 years. For many, the kindergarten is an introduction to the local community and there are very few in our small town who have not had direct or indirect involvement. The kindergarten’s program has a strong emphasis on the natural environment, with a highlight being the 4 year old Earth Kinder program. The provision of solar panels on the kindergarten building will greatly compliment the environmental and sustainable introduction given to our young students and families and will assist with the long term financial viability of this important organisation.

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People contributing to Project 18

2017-08-16Jonathan MaddoxNSW$50/month
2017-08-15Ben EllistonACT$200.00
2017-08-15Pegasus loan repayment$320.00
2017-08-14David CastlefordSA$10/week
2017-08-14Laquorious DeeSA$20/week
2017-08-14Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5/month
2017-08-14Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5.00
2017-08-11Andrew Setchell and Laura CarterVic$450 (one panel)
2017-08-11Warwick StoneVic$49.15
2017-08-11Lani WestcottNSW$49.15
2017-08-11Char GraingerVic$20/month
2017-08-10Wayne StanfordSA$30/fortnight
2017-08-07Robert ANSW$50.00
2017-08-07David CastlefordSA$10/week
2017-08-07Laquorious DeeSA$20/week
2017-08-04Margaret P-NewtonSA$250.00
2017-08-04David GibsonACT$250/month
2017-08-01Ingo WeberSA$100/month
2017-07-27Yack Health 4th loan repayment ($404.24 to P17)$595.76
Olimometer 2.52

Loan amount: $12,750
Loan repayments: $600/quarter
Status: Current project
Installation date: TBA

Work details CostExpected savings
System size: 8.125kW
Solar Panels: 25 x LG Mono NeON2
325WMono panels
Inverter: Fronius FROSYMO8.2-3-M 3 phase inverter 8.2 KW
South Facing roof at an angle of approx. 30 degrees
North on tilt legs.
Switchboard rewiring.