20. Coast FM Wynyard studio, Tas

Quick Win project No. 20: Coast FM Wynyard community radio studio, Tas

Coastal FM operates a professionally built studio complex in Wynyard with 3 transmitters covering the NW Coast of Tassie from Smithton to Launceston. It is a community radio station operated by a core of 12 on-air volunteer staff with an average age of 65 who provide 24/7 production for an approximate audience of 40-50,000 listeners for a variety of different programs. This Quick Win project is for solar PV for their radio studio at Wynyard.
Website: http://www.coastfm.org/

This project is now fully funded – Thank you!

People contributing to Project 20

2018-01-04Yack Health loan repayment (part)$224.55
2018-01-04Gaby JungTas$50.00
2018-01-04David GibsonACT$250/month
2018-01-04Coast FM transmitter solar loan repayment$400.00
2018-01-04Bill GreshamACT$218.00
2018-01-03Ravenshoe final loan repayment$160.00
2018-01-02Warradale loan repayment$761.00
2018-01-02Tim HartleyVic$50/month
2018-01-02Parkeholme loan repayment$400.00
2018-01-02Nannup loan repayment$900.00
(one panel)
2018-01-02Laquorious DeeSA$20/week
2018-01-02Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5/month
2018-01-02Gaby JungTas$30.00
2018-01-02David CastlefordSA$10/week
2018-01-02Apprenticeships Qld loan repayment$2,400.00
2017-12-28Wayne StanfordSA$30/fortnight
2017-12-27Michael BensonSA$10/month
2017-12-27Laquorious DeeSA$20/week
2017-12-27David CastlefordSA$10/week
2017-12-27Anton MaurusVic$35/month
2017-12-22Ben EllistonACT$200.00
2017-12-20David LloydSA$25/month
2017-12-18Tastex loan repayment$2,350.00
2017-12-18David HamiltonVic$450.00 (one panel)
2017-12-18Chris SimmonsSA$10/month

Loan amount: $9,712.00
Loan repayments: $450/quarter
Status: Funded project
Installation date: Feb 2018

Work details CostExpected savings
approx 7,300kWh/year
5.28kW solar installation:
16 x LG 330 watt NeOn2 panels
Solar Edge SE5000 5KW inverter (single phase)
16 x Solar Edge P350i Optimisers
DMS Solar Framing in 10 panel block
Cyclone Rated ColourBond Feet
300 KG Lift of rating
approx 7,300kWh/year