29. Woonona Bulli, NSW

Quick Win project No. 29: Woonona Bulli School of Arts, NSW

The Woonona Bulli School of Arts provides venue space at heavily reduced rates to the local community. It operates as a hub for several creative groups who service dance, singing and yoga/pilates. It is also a registered charity and offers free venue hire for charitable fundraisers and educational workshops; along with annual sponsorships to local community groups. Its focus is on mental health and environmental awareness.

NOTE: We had three new projects come in at almost the same time, so we have split the Project 29 funds we already had between all three, and you can choose which project you want to donate to when you click the button below and go to the donate form.

This project is now fully funded – Thank you!

See what has been achieved via the CORENA loan to Woonona Bulli School of Arts so far

* Since the amount of CO2 avoided is highly dependent on the fuel source used for local grid electricity, and since subsequent CORENA projects (partly funded by loan repayments from this one) are in different locations and began at various times when different carbon intensity figures applied, we have used 1MWh = 1 tonne as a very rough approximation across all projects.

People contributing to Project 29

Loan amount: $10,180
Loan repayments: $424.17/quarter
Status: Funded project
Installation date: 6 December 2020

Loan repayments received so far:

Work details CostExpected savings
- 6.6 kW system with consumption monitoring
- 19 x LG NeON2 350W panels
- 1 x SolarEdge HD Wave 5kW inverter

* ‘Grid electricity avoided’ refers to the total solar generation per year. It is the amount of more carbon-intensive grid electricity that is avoided at the site + solar exports which are used by others on the grid.