30. Coorabell Hall, NSW

Quick Win project No. 30: Coorabell Hall, NSW

Coorabell Hall is a well-loved little country hall overlooking Byron Bay. It is volunteer-run for community, arts and cultural pursuits and has been providing a community meeting space for over 100 years.
This project is in partnership with COREM (Community-Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby)

NOTE: We had three new projects come in at almost the same time, so we have split the Project 29 funds we already had between all three, and you can choose whether to donate to Project 29, 30, or 31 when you click the button below and go to the donate form.

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People contributing to Project 29

Loan amount: $7,500
Loan repayments: $625/quarter
Status: Current project
Installation date: TBA

Work details CostExpected savings
- 10.5 kW, 35 x 300W Canadian Solar panels
- 8kW SunGrow single phase inverter