31. Ballina Byron Family Day Care, NSW

Quick Win Project 31 – Ballina Byron Family Day Care, NSW

Ballina Byron Family Day Care represents the true essence of Quality Home
Based Early Childhood Education and Care. Our qualified Educators believe in
a nurturing, natural home environment to foster a warm and caring
relationship within an intimate small group.
Ballina Byron Family Day Care is an non-profit community based Family Day
Care Scheme. Our service is sponsored by a community based Management
committee and we rely on our stakeholders to support the financial needs of
our services.
Website: https://fdcballinabyron.com.au/

This project is now fully funded – Thank you!

People contributing to Project 31

Loan amount: $9,952.82
Loan repayments: $553/quarter
Status: Funded project
Installation date: TBA
Loan repayments so far:

Work details CostExpected savings
19 x Winaico WST MS WST-325M6 panels
19 x Enphase IQ7PLUS-72-2-INT inverters
Tilt frames and other required products

* ‘Grid electricity avoided’ refers to the total solar generation per year. It is the amount of more carbon-intensive grid electricity that is avoided at the site + solar exports which are used by others on the grid.