9. Pegasus Riding for the Disabled, ACT

Quick Win project No. 9: Pegasus Riding for the Disabled

Pegasus is a not-for-profit community organisation in ACT that provides equestrian activities for people with disabilities. Pegasus brings horses and people together to achieve their potential. Apart from being fun, horse riding helps to improve co-ordination, balance, muscle development and fitness. It also boosts personal confidence, self-esteem, communication skills, leadership and trust.

See what has been achieved via the CORENA loan to Pegasus so far

Note: The ‘At subsequent projects’ figures should be a bit higher than shown below. This is because we temporarily used some Big Win funds to help fund some of our early Quick Win projects, and when we later repaid that amount to the Big Win fund we used two loan repayments from Pegasus ($640) to help pay that back. That money is now achieving reductions in carbon emissions via Big Win projects, but that benefit is not reflected in the table shown below.

* Since the amount of CO2 avoided is highly dependent on the fuel source used for local grid electricity, and since subsequent CORENA projects (partly funded by loan repayments from this one) are in different locations and began at various times when different carbon intensity figures applied, we have used 1MWh = 1 tonne as a very rough approximation across all projects.

Huge thank you to Embark for matching contributions from new donors $ for $.

The Pegasus project is now fully funded – Thank you!

People contributing to Project 9

(2 panels +)
14-11-2015C EllistonACT$5.00
14-11-2015Matching: C Elliston$5.00
13-11-2015Matching: Margaret, ACT$25.00
13-11-2015Mount Douglas FamilyACT$50.00
13-11-2015Matching: Mt Douglas$50.00
13-11-2015Andrew TridgellACT$100.00
13-11-2015Matching: A Tridgell$100.00
13-11-2015Jeckson SabaACT$10.00
13-11-2015Matching: J Saba$10.00
13-11-2015Martin O'HareACT$20.00
13-11-2015Matching: M O'Hare$20.00
13-11-2015Gabriel NoronhaNSW$10/month
12-11-2015Nick CumboVic$11.78
11-11-2015Peter WadeQld$11/week
11-11-2015Char GraingerVic$20.00
10-11-2015Matching: CC$100.00
09-11-2015Scott FarquharQld$1,000.00
09-11-2015Matching: S Farquhar$1,000.00
09-11-2015Ronald BrysonACT$50.00
09-11-2015Matching: R Bryson$50.00
09-11-2015Laquorious DeeSA$10.00
09-11-2015David CastlefordSA$8/week
09-11-2015Matching: D Castleford$8.00
09-11-2015Matching: Anon$50.00
09-11-2015Rob SandowSA$50.00
09-11-2015Matching: Rob$50.00
07-11-2015N EllistonACT$10.00
07-11-2015Matching: N Elliston$10.00
06-11-2015Mark DiesendorfNSW$200.00
06-11-2015Matching: M Diesendorf$200.00
06-11-2015Simon PayneACT$200.00
05-11-2015Stephen RothwellACT$450.00
(1 panel)
05-11-2015Matching: S Rothwell$450.00
05-11-2015Fraser ArgueACT$450.00
(1 panel)
05-11-2015Robert ANSW$10.00
(1 panel)
05-11-2015Matching: CEH$450.00
05-11-2015Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
04-11-2015Ben EllistonACT$200.00
04-11-2015Bill GreshamACT$500.00
(1 panel)
04-11-2015Jacinta GreenNSW$5/month
04-11-2015Peter WadeQld$11/week
03-11-2015Matching donation amount brought forward from Project 8 $124.27
Olimometer 2.52

Loan amount: $7,879
Loan repayments: $320/quarter
Status: Funded project
Loan repayments received so far:

Thank you to SolarHub Canberra for a generous 15% discount on the Pegasus solar installation.

Work details CostExpected savings
Solar PV - 5.98kW
23 x Trina 260W Honey
Inverter: SMA SB 5000 TL-21
8,350 kWh/year
8,350 kWh/year