26. Club Italia, Vic

Quick Win project No. 26: Club Italia, Geelong, Vic

Club Italia Geelong is a community based function centre with sporting facilities including competition ballroom dancing, teaching school students Italian traditional cooking, bocce and dancing, and entertainment for the elderly.
Website: http://www.clubitalia.com.au/
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See what has been achieved via the CORENA loan to Club Italia Geelong so far

As of 12/01/20, the loan to Club Italia has achieved:

Project 26 kW (solar &/or
EE equivalent)
MWh to date
Approx* CO2
avoided to date
Dollar value
of achievement
At Club Italia 44.30 kW 28.21 MWh 28.21 t $42,804
At subsequent projects 7.19 kW 0.65 MWh 0.65 t $6,998
Total 51.49 kW 28.86 MWh 28.86 t $49,802

Switch on date: 27/06/19.
Number of days in operation: 199.

* Since the amount of CO2 avoided is highly dependent on the fuel source used for local grid electricity, and since each CORENA project is in a different location, we have used 1MWh = 1 tonne as a rough approximation across all projects.

This project is now fully funded – Thank you!

People contributing to Project 26

Loan amount: $42,804
Loan repayments: $3,500/quarter
Status: Funded project
Installation date: June 27 2019

Loan repayments received so far:

Work details CostExpected savings
Totals:$62,80475,909 kWh/year
65kW solar system consisting of 218 x 300 W Seraphim SRP-300-6MB solar panels,
2 x SolarEdge 27.6 kW inverters and
109 x SolarEdge P600 optimisers;
Energy monitoring via SolarEdge Modbus Meter (generation) and 3 x CT Clamps (consumption)
$42,804 (plus $20,000 grant tp Club Itlalia from other sources)Grid electricity avoided = 75,909 kWh/year
Savings = $14,204/year

* ‘Grid electricity avoided’ refers to the total solar generation per year. It is the amount of more carbon-intensive grid electricity that is avoided at the site + solar exports which are used by others on the grid.