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Solar installed at Walpole CRC with community members in the foreground

CORENA is an Australian donor funded non-profit organisation which provides funding for projects which reduce carbon emissions.

CORENA provides interest-free loans to not-for-profit community organisations and social enterprises anywhere in Australia. Loan repayments are based on energy savings so the organisiation is never out of pocket.

Eligible project types include:

  • Rooftop solar systems
  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Replacing gas appliances with efficient electric alternatives
  • Replacing petrol/diesel vehicles with electric vehicles
  • A combination of the above

To date CORENA has provided over $892,000 in loans and applications are always open for new projects. We provide free technical expertise and advice on project details. Contact Sarah, our Head of Operations, for more information, or see the Apply for a project page.

Case studies
Frequently asked questions

Examples of completed CORENA projects

Tulgeen 7kW solar installation
Tulgeen Disability Services, NSW (installed 2013)

  • 7 kW solar installation
  • $12,000 interest-free loan
  • Electricity savings of $3,636 (10,068 kWh) per year
Solar panels on roof of Warradale Community Child Care Centre
Warradale Community Childcare, South Australia (installed 2016)

  • 6.59 kW solar installation, hot water timer, replacing inefficient lighting with energy efficient LEDs, 
  • $14,986 interest-free loan
  • Electricity savings of $3,044 (12,260 kWh) per year
  • Loan was repaid from savings in 5 years
Workers installing solar on the roof of Tarremah Steiner School, Tas
Tarremah Steiner School, Tasmania (installed 2020)

  • 100 kW solar installation.
  • $70,000 interest-fee loan
  • Electricity savings of $16,124 (124,000 kWh) per year
  • Will ‘pay for itself’ in approximately 4 years


Ravenshoe Community Centre, QLD

“We would like to thank CORENA for the opportunity to have an interest free loan to purchase our solar system. As an NGO this has made it easy and affordable and has made our running costs go down for the Community Centre.”

Moss Vale Community Garden, NSW

“With regular visits to our community garden from workshop attendees, open day participants, farmers’ market customers and school groups, we take every opportunity to show off our 3.7kW Quick Win solar energy system made possible by CORENA’s no-interest loan. Such a luxury to have a fridge, electric urn, lights, power tools and electric mower & whipper snipper powered by the sun after ten years without power on-site. Thank you to all the team at CORENA for making this possible. It’s good to feel a part of the movement towards climate action.”

Frequently asked questions

CORENA is a donor-funded organisation. Donations from everyday Australians across the country help fund our project work to reduce carbon emissions.

As loans are repaid, they are returned to our revolving fund where they are used for future projects. A $100 donation to our first project in 2013 has been reused multiple times for subsequent projects – achieving $390 worth of project funding to reduce emissions.

CORENA has been operating since 2013. Since its formation, CORENA has lent almost $900,000 in zero interest loans to 44 organisations. For more information please visit our completed projects page or 2020-21 annual report.

CORENA funds climate projects at community organisations, non-profits and social enterprises who complete work which benefits the community. Previous projects include but are not limited to schools, community halls, disability support services, community gardens, sporting clubs and childcare centres. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us.

We encourage applicants to contact CORENA before completing an expression of interest on our website. Following an application, we will review the organisation’s energy usage to determine the best technology for your project, and the carbon reduction benefits of the project. CORENA will work with an organisation to determine the best funding and repayment schedule based on expected energy savings.

One of CORENA’s fundamental values is to fund projects which would otherwise not happen. Therefore CORENA can provide full funding for projects, or can alternatively fund part of a project if partial funding is already available from another source.

Yes, CORENA has volunteer and staff members with technical expertise to help your organisation with impartial technical advice.

CORENA can supply social media assets and web brochures, or even organise a webinar for your local community organisations. Please contact us to request resources on solar, electric vehicles, replacing gas with electric appliances, or energy efficiency projects.