Spread the word

It’s a tough call. Strategic use of promotion items and materials can help spread the word to large numbers of people and make people-powered initiatives succeed, BUT at the same time we want to avoid unnecessary consumption! Hopefully something on this page strikes the right balance for you, be it something that costs very little in terms of money and consumption of resources, or a larger promotion ‘investment’ like a CORENA t-shirt or a mug for your desk at work.

See below for:

  • small promo items (badges, stickers, magnets)
  • images to share on social media
  • t-shirts and/or mugs
  • sample email to send to friends

Small promo items (badges, stickers, magnets)

Used strategically, we think badges, stickers, and magnets are an excellent promotion investment. Wear a badge or pin one on your bag. Put a sticker on something you carry often, like a water bottle or helmet, or just some place where lots of people will see it. Put a magnet on your office fridge, or similar.

If you just want a few items that would fit in an ordinary envelope, see the sidebar for details. For larger quantities for an info stall or similar, please email us first to discuss options.

Images to share on social media

The most powerful way to promote CORENA projects is to let your friends and social media followers know that you have already chipped in to a solar project(s) yourself. Please copy/download the image(s) below and post to whatever social media you use with a covering comment.

I chipped in QWP2

I chipped in BWP 2

theres an org for that 4

wonka meme 2

Or, set one of the above images as your social media profile pic for a while. That’s a great way to spread the word!

T-shirts and/or mugs

We know at least some of our supporters want to be able to buy CORENA t-shirts to wear to promote CORENA renewable energy projects, and CORENA mugs to use at work to spread the word to colleagues. We want to enable them to do that, but without us needing to find the funds for bulk purchases and without the double-handling that would be involved in selling on and delivering items to supporters.

If you would like to purchase CORENA t-shirts or mugs, you can order them yourself online. Just follow the simple instructions on this page, and have them delivered directly to you. CORENA has no involvement in these online transactions beyond supplying the image to use when you place an order.

Sample email to send to friends

Click the link below to send an email to tell like-minded friends about CORENA. The following text will automatically be inserted in your email, but please customize it to suit (particularly the opening paragraph).

I think you might be interested in this website: https://corenafund.org.au/. I’ve just chipped in to one of CORENA’s practical renewable energy projects. OR I’ve just joined up as a member. OR I’ve just signed up to receive their e-news. OR I’ve just come across this website and like the way it empowers people to achieve tangible climate results.

CORENA’s Quick Win projects use donated funds and loan repayments from earlier projects to give interest-free loans to enable community organisations to install solar. Loans are repaid out of savings on power bills, so not-for-profits end up with solar panels without it costing them a cent.

The vision for the Big Win project fund is to build Australia’s first citizen-owned solar thermal plant with storage, eventually. In the meantime, CORENA is using those funds for smaller breakthrough projects that reduce emissions more-or-less immediately without ever ‘using up’ those funds. The loan repayments from the breakthrough projects go straight back into the Big Win revolving fund to help fund further projects including, when funds permit, a major utility-scale project.

Have a look and see what you think!

Tell friends via email

Resources for CORENA info stalls and talks

If you would like to organise a CORENA event or information stall, or give a talk or similar, please get in touch. We can send you whatever materials you will need, including an up-to-date display folder, a powerpoint presentation, business cards, etc. Email admin@corenafund.org.au to discuss details.