Large group of people walking from Port Augusta to Adelaide in the 2012 Walk for Solar
September 2012: around 100 people walked the 300km from Pt. Augusta to Adelaide in support of solar thermal

We want a safe climate for all, as do numerous other people.

The CORENA vision is a world in which everyone who wants a safe climate is empowered to help achieve it.

Our goal is provision of a simple mechanism that enables everyone to help collectively achieve prompt and tangible climate outcomes that benefit everyone everywhere.

Our strategy is to organise practical projects that achieve carbon emission reductions that would otherwise be unlikely to occur, and to invite everyone to chip in to collectively pay for the project costs.

We choose projects that not only reduce carbon emissions cost-effectively but also reduce operating costs. This means that an interest-free loan is sufficient to enable a project to proceed, and the resultant savings on operating costs cover the loan repayments back into our revolving fund. In this way donated funds are used over and over again in subsequent projects.

The revolving fund is a key element in our climate emergency action strategy. It means that the money donated to projects is never exhausted and continues paying for more and more climate benefits far into the future.

Tackling the global climate emergency requires that we use all available strategies and types of action. CORENA’s revolving fund is just one of them, but it does achieve immediate tangible results, and it is simple enough to be emulated or modified by other groups anywhere to help achieve yet more reductions in carbon emissions.