Gift cards

Gift cards that keep on giving, for the festive season or any gift-giving occasion

All I want

Who really wants more ‘things’? I bet you know people who would much rather see tangible progress towards a safe climate for us all. A contribution to CORENA’s revolving funds, used for practical renewable energy projects, really keeps on giving, not just for one year but forever.

Step 1: Choose whether to support the Quick Win projects or the Big Win projects.

1. Go to the Big Win projects or Quick Win projects donation form page.
2. Enter your own name and email address in the first two fields in the donation form.
3. For “Name to show in the website honour roll”, enter “Gift for [name or initials or nickname]”. You can enter multiple names if you are donating on behalf of more than one person.
4. At “Brief comment” please say which gift card image(s) you want us to send you with your receipt.
5. Enter the amount you want to donate as your gift (the total donation amount if you entered multiple gift recipient names).
6. Submit the form, then send the donation amount to us via Internet banking or cheque, or make a cash deposit at a branch (ask the teller to add your name as a reference).

People’s Choice Credit Union Banking details
BSB: 805050
Account number for Big Win project: 99997733
Account number for Quick Win projects: 99997731
Account name: Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia (Do not abbreviate to CORENA!)
Reference: Your own name
Note: Internet banking screens might not let you enter all of our name. Just enter as much of it as will fit.

Mailing address for cheques: PO Box 884, Modbury, SA 5092

Step 2: Pick which Xmas or any-occasion gift card you want to use.

If possible, we ask you to print the card image yourself to give to your gift recipient(s) due to our limited amount of admin time and funds. We will send you the relevant image when we email your receipt to you. Or, simply click the image you like and copy or save it from this page. However, if you don’t have access to a printer, email and say so! We will then print your card(s) and post them to you. (We have some professionally printed postcard-style cards for the heart design Xmas card if you want to use that one.)


Click 2015_CORENA_Xmas_Present_BlankInside to download the card at left.

Click xmas tree folding to download folding version of card below.

Xmas card - either Big Win or Quick Win projects

Xmas gift card – Big Win or Quick Win projects

Any occasion gift card – Quick Win project

Festive season gift card - Quick Win projects

Festive season gift card – Quick Win projects

Festive season gift card - Big Win or Quick Win projects

Festive season gift card – Big Win or Quick Win projects


If you are printing folding cards instead of flat postcard-style ones, a member has sent in the following revamped White Christmas lyrics that you can print inside if you want a giggle.

I’m dreaming of a solar Christmas…
not like the coal we’ve always known
We just can’t keep waiting,
and deliberating, let’s fund
solutions of our own…

I’m dreaming of a safe climate
and of a future clean and bright
May your footprint be zero, or light
and may all white xmases stay white