Calculate your achievements to date

Use the Impact Calculator below to calculate what YOU have achieved so far via your contributions to Quick Win projects.

TIP: If you’ve not yet chipped in to any projects and you’d like to get a rough idea of what your intended donation is likely to achieve in its first couple of years, select the Tulgeen image and enter the amount you intend to chip in.

Step 1: Select the project(s) to which you donated. An empty table will be displayed for each selected project.

Step 2: Enter the amount you chipped in. The table will then display what your contribution is achieving at the original project, and also what your donation is achieving indirectly at subsequent projects as loan repayments from the original project flow back into the revolving fund and help fund subsequent projects.

TIP: If you can’t remember how much you chipped in to which project(s), search here.

Note: Most browsers display this calculator correctly, but it doesn’t yet operate correctly if viewed via Internet Explorer. (An average Australian household consumes 5MWh of electricity per year.)

1. Tulgeen Disability Services 2. Gawler Community House 3. Beechworth Montessori School 4. Camden Community Centre
5. Nannup CRC 6. Ravenshoe Community Centre 7. Warradale CCC 8. Moss Vale community garden
9. Pegasus Riding for the Disabled 10. Parkeholme Community Child Care 11. Greenbushes CRC 12. Yackandandah Health
13. Kulchajam 14. Tastex 15. Brimbank Bicycle 16. Coast FM transmitter
17. Apprentcieships Qld 18. Mansfield Kinder