CORENA is all about tangible people-owned renewable energy results.

Big Win Projects

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The initial Big Win Project goal is to build a 50MW solar thermal plant with storage. It will be owned collectively by ‘the people’ and operated for the benefit of all. If around 720,000 people each contribute $8 per week for ONE year, we can fund this project entirely by donations. There’ll be no loan repayments or dividends to shareholders, so all profits will be used to build yet more people’s solar plants.

Quick Win Projects

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Chip in to projects

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Your contributions to the Quick Win Projects are used to provide interest-free loans to community organisations to pay for solar installations and energy efficiency measures. They repay the loan over time out of the savings on their power bills, and their repayments help fund subsequent Quick Win Projects. Your money provides tangible benefits almost immediately, and keeps on working far into the future!