CORENA is all about tangible people-owned renewable energy results.

Big Win Projects

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Our initial vision was to raise funds for a 50MW solar thermal plant with storage, but until a utility-scale project becomes possible we are focusing on smaller projects that can reduce emissions almost immediately. Our Breakthrough projects are intended to be big in impact if not in size.

We are currently working on a scheme to break the ‘split benefit’ impasse which makes solar and energy efficiency for rented properties so difficult. Breakthrough projects are being funded by interest-free loans of Big Win funds, with the loan repayments going straight back into funding more projects, so the donated funds never disappear but continue working forever.

Quick Win Projects

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Your contributions to the Quick Win projects are used to provide interest-free loans to community organisations to pay for solar installations and energy efficiency measures. They repay the loan over time out of the savings on their power bills, and their repayments help fund subsequent Quick Win projects. Your money provides tangible benefits almost immediately, and keeps on working far into the future!