CORENA is a non-profit volunteer-run organisation. Our powerful revolving fund enables all Australians to help tackle the climate emergency by donating to projects that reduce carbon emissions immediately.

Community organisations apply for zero-interest loans to pay for projects such as installing solar panels, improving energy efficiency, switching away from gas use, or purchasing electric vehicles. The resultant savings on energy/fuel bills cover the loan repayments into our revolving fund so they are never out of pocket, and after their loan is fully repaid their savings make it easier to provide services to the community.

We invite everyone to chip in to help fund our current project. We use those new donations and recent loan repayments from earlier projects to give a loan to cover the project costs.

But your donation does not just help fund one project. It will be used over and over again as loan repayments return your money to the revolving fund. A donation of $100 to our first project has already been re-used many times and has paid over $360 towards project costs to date.

Your donations are powerful! They continue revolving and growing in impact forever. They enable community organisations to reduce carbon emissions at no cost to themselves. And we all receive the climate benefit.

Together we have completed 40 projects since 2013.

For a short time – till 31/12/20

One of our keen supporters is currently offering to match new admin donations (up to a maximum of $5,000). We’re very grateful and excited to think that this generous offer will enable us to start paying for some part-time help with promotion tasks. If we can reach more people we will be able to collectively achieve a lot more!

Make an Admin donation and have it matched


Select a project and chip in!

Chip in to help fund a specific project, or set up a recurring donation to help fund whichever project is next in line for funding. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. 95% of donated funds are spent on practical carbon-reduction projects.

Geelong solar – Details / Donate


Our newest solar PV project. This will be the 3rd Community Resource Centre in WA to install solar PV thanks to CORENA supporters, but it is the first WA project in a long time.

Walpole CRC solar – Details / Donate


Set up a recurring weekly or monthly contribution and we will allocate your donation to whichever Quick Win climate project is next in line for funding at the time your contributions arrive.

Recurring donations are one way of compensating for carbon emissions that you cannot easily avoid in your everyday life. But even if you personally are already carbon neutral, we’re all in this together so helping to reduce emissions somewhere in Australia benefits everyone.

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Your impact so far…

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Go to the Impact Calculator and enter the past amount(s) you contributed to CORENA climate projects to see how your impact has grown over time via our revolving fund.

Or, to see the impact of any particular project, go to the Completed Projects page and select the project you wish to view.

Project applications…

We offer interest-free loans, repaid out of savings on bills, to non-profit organisations and similar worthy causes for cost-effective carbon-reduction projects if the up-front cost is a barrier. Submit an expression of interest for a project loan for your organisation, or nominate a project in your local area.

Originally we focused on just solar PV and energy efficiency projects, but now that the greening of the grid is progressing rapidly in some regions we are also offering interest-free loans to enable other climate initiatives. Eligible projects are:
– Solar PV
– Energy efficiency
Replacing gas appliances with efficient electric appliances
– Electric vehicles (difference in cost compared with non-EV)
– Package combining any of the above

Apply for a Quick Win climate project loan



You can help CORENA by:
– Becoming a member
– Volunteering

CORENA is run almost entirely by volunteers who also have other responsibilities, so there are never enough hours in the day to do as much as we’d like. Please email us if you would like to help!

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