30. Marlin Coast

Solar on the roof of Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre, Qld

Project 30: Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre, Qld

The Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre (MCNC) is an incorporated community-based organisation. It operates within the social justice principles of Equity, Access, Equality and Participation through:
– Professional Support
– A friendly, safe and inclusive meeting place
– Respect for the individual
– A commitment to the community
– Integrity throughout the organization
Website: http://www.mcnc.org.au/

Project story…

Any large solar installation, like this 23kW one installed at MCNC in August 2018, includes a proportionately large GST component in the up-front cost. MCNC elected to cover the GST component themselves since they are registered for GST and knew they would be able to claim back that cost quite promptly. This reduced the total amount they needed to borrow from CORENA, and enabled us to raise the funds for their solar installation more quickly than otherwise.

See what has been achieved via the CORENA loan to the Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre so far

* The MWh figure is the amount of grid electricity avoided by solar electricity generation and energy efficiency measures. The resultant reductions in carbon emissions can be visualised as an equivalent number of average households switching from grid electricity to 100% renewable electricity, noting that the subsequent projects have been avoiding grid electricity for less time than the original project.

This project has been fully funded- Thank you!

Progress bar showing fully funded via $14,856.41 in new donations and $12,573.59 in loan repayments

Honour roll

Thanks to all the people who have donated to this project.

Status: Funded project – loan fully repaid
Loan amount: $27,430
Loan repayments: $1,850/quarter

Marlin Coast loan fully repaid

Work details

23kW solar
66 x SunPower 355W SunPower SPR-P17-355-COM Polycrystalline Panels
1 x SMA STP 25000 TL-30 Three Phase Inverter
Full monitoring
Cost: $27,430 (excl. GST, which MCNC covered)
Expected savings: 35,000kWh/year, $7,500/year

Reduction in carbon emissions/yr: Equivalent to 6.31 average households using renewable electricity instead of grid electricity