41. Geelong Bowls

Solar on the roof of Geelong Bowls Club, Vic

Project 41 – City of Geelong Bowls Club

The City of Geelong Bowls Club is a community hub, serving a number of local groups. The club provides two bowling rinks, a bistro (open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner), function rooms, a retail bowls shop and is the headquarters of the Geelong Bowls Region.The club also caters to residents of the Geelong Golf Links and surrounding suburbs in the form of social membership and barefoot bowling as well as catering to the Golf Club members and casual golfers.
Website: https://cityofgeelongbowlsclub.com.au/

Project story…

The solar project was a long time in the making as project development was impeded by the Covid related lockdowns in Victoria. Despite this, through the persistence of all stakeholders, the project was completed in April 2021 and has been generating electricity reliably since. The project was well supported by both the local and broader CORENA communities, funded approximately 50/50 by new donations and existing CORENA loan repayments. The installation is of significant size at 89kW and thus the long term emissions and savings benefits are material. Once the loan is repaid, the system will provide the club with long term, low cost electricity which will assist in providing services at low cost to the community.

See what has been achieved via the CORENA loan to Geelong Bowls Club so far

* The MWh figure is the amount of grid electricity avoided by solar electricity generation and energy efficiency measures. The resultant reductions in carbon emissions can be visualised as an equivalent number of average households switching from grid electricity to 100% renewable electricity, noting that the subsequent projects have been avoiding grid electricity for less time than the original project.

This project has been fully funded- Thank you!

Progress bar showing fully funded via $47,550.95 in new donations and $44,449.05 in loan repayments

Honour roll

Thanks to all the people who have donated to this project.

Loan details

Loan amount: $92,000
Loan repayments: $3,000/quarter
Status: Funded project
Installation date: 21/4/21

Work details

89kW Solar PV System
210 SunPower 400/440W/P19 Comm Solar Modules
4 Fronius Symo 20.0 Solar Inverter
1 Fronius Symo 10.0 Solar Inverter
1 Network Protection Device (Mains Pro)
1 Hopergy Premium Tilt Frame set at tilt angle of 10°
1 Supply and installation of Solar Analytics for the
measuring and monitoring of Consumption and Solar
Cost: $92,000
Expected savings: 119,570 kWh/yr

Reduction in carbon emissions/yr: Equivalent to 21.55 average households using renewable electricity instead of grid electricity