5. Nannup

Workers installing solar panels on Nannup CRC roof

Project 5: Nannup Community Resource Centre, WA

Nannup Community Resource Centre is a not for profit, community managed organisation that provides a wide range of support services for residents of the Nannup area, 269km south of Perth, WA. They provide training and education programs, access to business facilities, and information on community events and government services.
Website: http://nannup.crc.net.au/

Project story…

The Nannup CRC 10kW of solar PV was installed in July 2015. They paid $2,000 of the up front cost and a CORENA loan of $15,440 (8.85kW) covered the rest. This project was funded in just 2 months, largely due to a decision to temporarily use $7,000 from the Big Win funding stream to put that money to good use sooner than otherwise would have been possible (since repaid as shown below).

They finished paying back their loan in October 2019, in just over 4 years. They repaid a bit extra for their first repayment then set up auto-recurring payments of $900, resulting in a perfect record of payments arriving exactly on time every quarter.

See live display of current solar generation at http://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?id=47862&sid=43613&v=0

See what has been achieved via the CORENA loan to Nannup CRC so far

* The MWh figure is the amount of grid electricity avoided by solar electricity generation and energy efficiency measures. The resultant reductions in carbon emissions can be visualised as an equivalent number of average households switching from grid electricity to 100% renewable electricity, noting that the subsequent projects have been avoiding grid electricity for less time than the original project.

This project has been fully funded- Thank you!

Progress bar showing fully funded via $12.047.65 in new donations and $3,392.35 in loan repayments

Honour roll

Thanks to all the people who have donated to this project.

Donated directly to this project:

Big Win donations that were temporarily used for this project then later repaid to the Big Win funding stream where they helped fund the Enova Community Generator project:

Status: Funded project – loan fully repaid
Loan amount: $15,440
Loan repayments: $900/quarter

Loan repayments table - loan fully repaid

Work details

10kW Solar PV installation
40 x ET Solar ET-P660250
Inverter: 1 x STP 10000TL-10
Cost: $17,440 ($2,000 to be paid by Nannup CRC itself and $15,440 from CORENA)
Expected savings: $4,577/year, 47.8kWh/day

Reduction in carbon emissions/yr: Equivalent to 3.14 average households using renewable electricity instead of grid electricity