31/03/2016: Climate Emergency Petition

In February 2016, global temperatures spiked to well over 1.5°C above pre-industrial times, just weeks after the Paris Climate Agreement set an aim of not exceeding that benchmark…more

11/03/2016: Movement-wide climate petition collaboration

Whenever you launch a new climate-related petition or ready-to-send email campaign, add it to the embeddable list…more

Movement-wide climate petition collaboration

27/11/2015: Why has CORENA launched a petition?

CORENA normally leaves it up to advocacy and campaigning groups to run petitions on climate issues, but we are now facing proposed changes in network tariffs that we cannot ignore. The proposed demand tariff structures would not only affect how much Quick Win projects can reduce carbon emissions, they would affect how much all householders and businesses can reduce their carbon footprint as well….more

6/11/2015: A super fund for the planet

We all know that it is wise to invest in our future, right? And many of us have grave concerns about what that future looks like if we charge ahead with unmitigated climate change.

Introducing CORENA’s ‘super’ fund ( Here is a fund that keeps giving back to our planet from the moment anyone starts contributing to it.

The concept is simple…more

8/6/2015: CORENA patron recognised in Queen’s honours list

CORENA patron, Monica Oliphant OA, was today recognised in the 2015 Queen’s Birthday Honours list for distinguished service to the renewable energy sector as a research scientist, particularly through pioneering roles in solar photovoltaics and power generation, and to national and international organisations…more

20/4/2015: Revolving Donations Fund 35kW of Community Solar PV

This week’s solar PV installation at Camden Park, SA, brings the total amount installed by CORENA’s Quick Win community solar projects so far to 35kW. Another 8kW has been added by recipient organisations in conjunction with these projects, giving an overall result of 43kW installed…more

5/3/2015: Floating Solar Farm for SA

ABC News: Australian-first floating solar farm due to begin construction in SA

Floating solar PV reduces evaporation and the water mass keeps the panels cooler, increasing efficiency by 57% compared with land-based installations…more

1/2/2015: Nannup CRC queued as Quick Win No.5

The first WA project has just been queued for funding as CORENA’s 5th Quick Win project. This will pay for a solar installation for the Nannup Community Resource Centre in a rural area 3 hours south of Perth…more

14/1/2015: Consumerism vs Promoting a Good Cause

In response to requests from supporters, we now have CORENA promo items available to help spread the word about CORENA solar projects. In the past we’ve avoided the consumerism of having ‘merchandise’, but we feel a few promo items can be a good promotion investment if used wisely. For example, supporters can give visibility to CORENA by wearing a t-shirt to climate rallies and events, or wear a CORENA badge on their lapel, hat, or bag. A CORENA mug on a desk or a magnet on a work fridge can be a useful conversation starter amongst colleagues…more

14/1/2015: Role for Solar Thermal with Storage in SA Energy Mix

Jan 12, 2015, graph from RenewEconomy article,

This graph is for a public holiday, but a similar evening peak would apply on business days too. Note how the electricity from Victorian brown coal generation balloons (the red part) as generation from SA’s rooftop solar PV declines at dusk. This is the time slot when a solar thermal plant with storage would come into its own…more

18/12/2014: New Quick Win Project for Camden Community Centre

Today we reached the $16,000 funding target for solar panels for Project 3, the Beechworth Montessori School in northern Victoria, so now all Quick Win project contributions will be going towards Project 4 at the Camden Community Centre.

The donated funds will be boosted by quarterly loan repayments from the first three projects, so everyone who has chipped in to earlier Quick Win projects will have the satisfaction of seeing a portion of their contribution ‘recycled’ into the new project. This is the magic of having a perpetual revolving pool of funds that starts off with voluntary gifts. The two images below illustrate how this works…more

27/04/2014: The price of power

From Radio National Background Briefing, on April 27, by Jess Hill “With Australian electricity prices amongst the highest in the world, more and more households are going solar. The big power companies say the Renewable Energy Target is undermining their businesses and they want it wound back. The federal government agrees, so who is to blame for the high price of power? Jess Hill investigates… more

07/04/2014: Why Conservatives are terrified of negawatts

From RenewEconomy, on April 2, by Giles Parkinson “In 2012, according to global investment bank HSBC, the global market for energy efficiency was around $US375 billion. That’s as much as was invested in fossil fuel electricity generation in that year, and 1.5 times the amount invested in renewable energy.

HSBC negawattsPut another way, according to the International Energy Agency, energy efficiency measures have, since 1974, saved around two-thirds of the energy that might otherwise have been consumed… more

01/02/2014: New project, and our first regional partner

We are pleased to announce that our 2nd Quick Win Project will be energy efficiency measures and a solar PV installation for the Gawler Community House, in Gawler, SA. The first of CORENA’s regional partners, Transition Gawler, has been instrumental in setting up this project …more

25/01/2014: RE-volv’s second project

With just 5 hours left to go on their Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to fund their second community solar project, RE-volv was still a few thousand short, but they made it. …more

15/01/2014: ARENA funding for solar thermal study

From RenewEconomy, on January 15, by Giles Parkinson “The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has finally come to an agreement with the privately-owned Alinta to co-fund a feasibility study into a solar thermal power station …more