CORENA assists Arkaroola in winning $1.3m grant bid

CORENA is proud to be involved alongside other energy groups in the successful grant funding for the Sustainable Microgrid at Arkaroola Wilderness Centre. This 1.3 million dollar renewable energy grant was one of several successful projects through the Regional and Remote Communities Reliability Fund.

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary is part of a World Heritage Bid because it is famous for the two billion years of geological history that can be experienced in the surrounding Gammon Ranges. It is also a mecca for astronomers with three observatories to view some of the best dark skies in the world. Transforming their energy supply is essential if the site is to become sustainable in its energy and water use. The project will establish a micro-grid and test long lasting battery storage, water production, thermal storage for cooling and smart energy controls, so the costs and risks of each technology are rigorously tested in harsh outback conditions. The education showcase will allow other users of remote electricity supplies to visit and learn about the technologies in operation.

CORENA was heavily involved in the application process, providing technical expertise, writing the grant application and connecting Arkaroola with new partnerships. Thank you to Monica Oliphant, Ekkehard Grosskreutz, Peter Moser and Heather Smith from the CORENA team who helped this grant come to fruition.

“CORENA is committed to reducing greenhouse emissions by supporting projects that wouldn’t happen otherwise. We have been working with Arkaroola for a number of years to see how we can help the sanctuary move away from its reliance on diesel and LPG. With over 300 non cloudy days per year it makes sense to go solar and suits the sustainability goals of the wilderness site.” said Monica Oliphant, CORENA’s Patron.

The federal government grant does not cover all equipment expenses so CORENA also played an essential role to demonstrate that finance is not a barrier if a business case for an emissions reduction project emerges from the feasibility study. As the project progresses, we will monitor if a CORENA loan is the best financial instrument to help the project proceed.

We are thrilled to see the growth of renewable energy projects across the country. If you need advice on project offerings, please contact us.