CORENA Featured in IRENA’s White Paper

Three elements of community energy initiatives

CORENA’s revolving funding and organisation model was featured in IRENA (International Renewable Energy Network Agency) Coaliltion for Action third white paper, “Community Action Toolkit”.

This paper provides a framework for new and existing organisations to consider before embarking on their own community based renewable initiatives.

It also showcases how 11 different organisations from around the world are implementing their renewable energy solutions that are owned by and support their local communities.

To be considered under this paper, you need to have two out of the following three elements:

  • “Voting control rests with a community-based organisation
  • Local stakeholders own a majority or all of a renewable energy project
  • The majority of social and economic benefits are distributed locally”1

CORENA’s take on this is quite unique, being the only model where funds are derived from donors, and donations and loan repayments are continually used to fund new projects.

Other examples “include energy access initiatives harnessing renewable energy production to spur local economic development; community-led projects supplying renewable energy to the grid and providing energy services; and partnerships between communities and traditional energy actors, such as local authorities, utilities and private sector developers”1

This paper is well worth a read even if you are not looking at starting your own community organisation at it showcases the great work everyday people can do when they work together for a common cause.


1: IRENA Coalition for Action (2021), Community Energy Toolkit: Best practices for broadening the ownership of renewables, International Renewable Energy Agency, Abu Dhabi.