op shop roof where panels will be installed

New project, and our first regional partner


We are pleased to announce that our 2nd Quick Win Project will be energy efficiency measures and a solar PV installation for the Gawler Community House, in Gawler, SA. The first of CORENA’s regional partners, Transition Gawler, has been instrumental in setting up this project and will take an active part in promoting this project and helping it succeed.

The work details for this community project are still being determined, but you can see some details of this project here.

Regional partnerships are a new and exciting direction for CORENA. Ultimately we hope there will be a network of regional partners in all parts of the country, each making the people’s solar concept their own and putting their own creative stamp on funding practical renewable energy projects via CORENA.

Our first such partner is Transition Gawler. You can read about what they do and how they plan to partner with CORENA here.