RE-volv’s second community solar project funded

With just 5 hours left to go on their Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to fund their second community solar project, RE-volv was still a few thousand short, but they made it.

RE-volv are a California group who rely on voluntary contributions from the public to fund solar installations for community organisations. Their mechanism is a bit different to that of CORENA projects, but the underlying concepts are remarkable similar.

From the RE-volv blog:

We are excited to serve as a tool for climate change activists and community members to make a difference. Through our revolving model, a small act of donating money can make a large impact on spreading clean renewable energy, supporting community centers, and moving towards energy independence. Our current campaign will finance the installation of a 26 kW solar array atop Kehilla Community Synagogue’s roof, and by paying your donation forward through our revolving fund, we will be able to bring solar to 3 additional community centers in the future!

In the words of our Executive Director, Andreas Karelas, “This is an exciting moment. We can do something, right now, as a community that will make a real difference.”