Supporting community climate grant funding

Solar installed on roof of Parkholme child care centre

Community organisations and social enterprises across Australia have access to generous federal, state and council grant funding programs to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Did you know that CORENA can help co-fund and support your community grant applications?

How can CORENA support climate grant funding?

Our zero interest loans can form part of the co-funding required under some grant programs. Plus our impartial technical assistance can help determine the best installation for your building.

If you were unsuccessful in recent grant rounds and still require funding, get in touch. We may be able to provide a zero interest loan and save you waiting for the next round of funding with no guarantee of success.

Workers installing solar panels at Peacemakers
26. Peacemakers, SA

CORENA can support successful grant applications

If your grant application was successful – congratulations!

If you are installing solar panels, have you thought about the best way to make use of your excess solar energy?

Our projects can support “getting off gas” projects such as efficient heat pump hot water systems and reverse cycle air conditioners. Switching from gas helps the climate and allows you to utilise your excess solar electricity. You can reduce your carbon emissions and gas costs at the same time.  

Another way to utilise excess solar power is through an electric vehicle. There are currently a range of electric vehicle rebates and incentives across Australia. We can help develop a business case for using electric vehicles as part of your operations. With a business case, we can provide funding to assist with purchasing the vehicle and charging infrastructure. 

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