3. Beechworth Montessori School, Vic

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Beechworth Montessori School, a non-profit school in northern Victoria, has recently moved to a repurposed existing structure. All materials used to furnish classrooms have been donated or sourced from businesses that no longer required them. The school supports 112 children and 20 staff. Sustainable practices include recycling, litter-free lunches, vegetable growing, composting, and a Walking Bus. See how CORENA’s Quick Win projects work here.

See what has been achieved via the CORENA loan to Beechworth Montessori school so far

Note: The ‘At subsequent projects’ figures should be a bit higher than shown below. This is because we temporarily used some Big Win funds to help fund some of our early Quick Win projects, and when we later repaid that amount to the Big Win fund we used two loan repayments from Beechworth ($1,540) to help pay that back. That money is now achieving reductions in carbon emissions via the Big Win landlord-tenant solar scheme, but that benefit is not reflected in the table shown below.

As of 13/07/19, the loan to Beechworth Montessori School has achieved:

Project 3 kW (solar &/or
EE equivalent)
MWh to date
Approx* CO2
avoided to date
Dollar value
of achievement
At Beechworth Montessori School 10.00 kW 60.23 MWh 60.23 t $16,000
At subsequent projects 11.81 kW 25.31 MWh 25.31 t $16,242
Total 21.81 kW 85.54 MWh 85.54 t $32,242

Switch on date: 24/03/15.
Number of days in operation: 1572.

* Since the amount of CO2 avoided is highly dependent on the fuel source used for local grid electricity, and since each CORENA project is in a different location, we have used 1MWh = 1 tonne as a rough approximation across all projects.

This solar project is now fully funded – Thank You!

Project 3 Honour Roll

2014-12-17Jack ReesQld$655.61
(1 panel +)
2014-12-17Peter WadeQld$11/week
2014-12-17S & S McCabeWA$20/month
2014-12-17xmas gift
for Amie
2014-12-16Jonathan MaddoxNSW$50/month
2014-12-16Frank LinQld$10/month
2014-12-15Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-12-15Barb FreyWA$8/week
2014-12-15Marty BoothNSW$60/month
2014-12-15Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5/month
2014-12-15Charlene GraingerVic$100.00
2014-12-15Dianne Cameron -
my Christmas present
for the future!
2014-12-13Gift for Maryanne Hemsley and Richard CorkishNSW$194.90
2014-12-12xmas gift for
Kate and Tom
2014-12-12xmas gift for
Shane and Bev
2014-12-11Mike CraddockNSW$100.00
2014-12-10Peter WadeQld$11/week
2014-12-09Gift for Mike & Tess, Liz, Ruth, Elvie and BernieWA$50.00
2014-12-09Gift for Helen & MartyWA$10.00
2014-12-08Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-12-08Barb FreyWA$8/week
2014-12-08Michael ChildsNSW$50.00
2014-12-04Nick CumboVic$10.41
2014-12-04Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2014-12-04Jacinta GreenNSW$5/month
2014-12-03Peter WadeQld$11/week
2014-12-03Eleanor EvansSA$100.00
2014-12-02Monica Oliphant
(one panel)
2014-12-02Original Green Co
(for Tony Abbott)
(1 panel)
2014-12-02Chas MartinSA$400.00
2014-12-01Jonathan DoigNSW$10/month
2014-12-01Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-12-01Barb FreyWA$8/week
2014-12-01Gift for Claire DavillSA$70.00
2014-12-01Gift for Shayne UrenSA$70.00
2014-11-30Birthday gift for
Michael Kubler
2014-11-28Nick Cumbo
(one panel)
2014-11-26Peter WadeQld$11/week
2014-11-26John Pederick
(one panel)
2014-11-26Nick CumboVic$6.47
2014-11-26Anton MaurusVic$35/month
2014-11-24Tulgeen loan
(Project 1)
2014-11-24Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-11-24Barb FreyWA$8/week
2014-11-24Mackenzie Davey$10/month
2014-11-24Sophia Case$23.12/month
2014-11-20Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2014-11-20David LloydSA$25/month
2014-11-19Peter WadeQld$11/week
2014-11-19Kristen FrostSA$50.00
2014-11-17Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-11-17Barb FreyWA$8/week
2014-11-17Peter WadeQld$33.00
2014-11-17Marty BoothNSW$60/month
2014-11-17S & S McCabeWA$20/month
2014-11-17Jonathan MaddoxNSW$50/month
2014-11-17Frank LinQld$10/month
2014-11-17mr oCeanQld$10.00
2014-11-17Project 2, Gawler
loan repayment
2014-11-15Melissa BrownSA$10.00
2014-11-15Willunga donation jarSA$12.00
2014-11-14Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5/month
2014-11-10Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-11-10Barb FreyWA$8/week
2014-11-06Nick CumboVic$25.00
2014-11-06Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2014-11-05Marty, Original
Green Co
(1 panel)
2014-11-04Jacinta GreenNSW$5/month
2014-11-03Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-10-31Nick CumboVic$8.50
2014-10-31Phil MNSW$250.00
2014-10-30Gaby JungVic$50.00
2014-10-29Peter WadeQld$11.00
2014-10-27Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-10-27Anton MaurusVic$35/month
2014-10-27Marty BoothNSW$20/month
2014-10-24Nick CumboVic$25.00
2014-10-23Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2014-10-23Mackenzie Davey$10/month
2014-10-23Sophia Case$23.12/month
2014-10-20Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-10-20David LloydSA$25/month
2014-10-20Char GraingerVic$10.00
2014-10-20Tim HVic$25.00
2014-10-17S & S McCabeWA$20/month
2014-10-16Jonathan MaddoxNSW$50/month
2014-10-16Frank LinQld$10/month
2014-10-14Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5/month
2014-10-14J. JohnstonQld$975.70
2014-10-13Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-10-10Peter WadeQld$11.00
2014-10-09Wayne StanfordSA$25.00
2014-10-06Luke ByrnesVic$25.00
2014-10-06Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-10-06Jacinta GreenNSW$5.00
2014-10-03Peter WadeQld$7.00
2014-09-29Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-09-26Anton MaurusVic$35.00
2014-09-25Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2014-09-25Wayne StanfordSA$25.00
2014-09-25Marty BoothNSW$20.00
2014-09-24Nick CumboVic$100.00
2014-09-23Mackenzie Davey$10.00
2014-09-23Sophia Case$23.12
2014-09-22David LloydSA$25.00
2014-09-19N. B.Vic$100.00
2014-09-19Christine Haines WA$9.46
2014-09-18S & S McCabeWA$20.00
2014-09-16Frank LinQld$10.00
2014-09-15Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5.00
2014-09-15Spurrier familyACT$20.00
2014-09-12David McLeodSA$50.00
2014-09-11Wayne StanfordSA$25.00
2014-09-04Jacinta GreenNSW$5.00
2014-09-04Loan repayment
Project 2
2014-09-03Janet EllisNSW$353.00
(travel 'offset')
2014-09-02Bill GreshamACT$500.00
(1 panel)
2014-08-28Wayne StanfordSA$25.00
2014-08-28Tulgeen loan
(Project 1)
2014-08-26Wayne StanfordSA$10/week
2014-08-26Anton MaurusVic$35.00
2014-08-25Marty BoothNSW$20.00
2014-08-25Mackenzie Davey$10.00
2014-08-24Sophia Case$23.12
2014-08-23Luc PlowmanVic$48.50
2014-08-20David LloydSA$25.00
2014-08-18Frank LinQld$10.00
2014-08-18Wayne StanfordSA$10/week
2014-08-18Glynn & Liz
2014-08-14Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5.00
2014-08-14Spurrier familyACT$20.00
2014-08-14Glenn Christie
& Family
2014-08-12Frank LinQld$70.00
2014-08-11Wayne StanfordSA$10/week
2014-08-08Frank LinQld$100.00
2014-08-04Wayne StanfordSA$10/week
2014-08-04Jacinta GreenNSW$5.00
2014-08-01Luke SchubertSA$28.98
2014-07-31Gary PSA$25.00
2014-07-30Marty VaherSA$500.00
(1 panel)
2014-07-29Wayne StanfordSA$10/week
2014-07-29Anton MaurusVic$35.00
2014-07-26Gabrielle GutscheSA$48.50
2014-07-25Marty BoothNSW$20.00
2014-07-24Laquorious DeeSA$25.00
2014-07-24Sophia Case$23.12
2014-07-23Mackenzie Davey$10.00
2014-07-21David LloydSA$25.00
2014-07-15Dave ClarkeSA$210.00
2014-07-14Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5.00
2014-07-14Spurrier familyACT$20.00
2014-07-07David TomkinsVic$30.00
2014-07-04Jacinta GreenNSW$5.00
2014-07-03Jody MoateSA$19.22
2014-07-03Simon JonesSA$100.00
2014-07-02Seva Community
Yoga - Pitt Street
Bendigo Bank Yogis
2014-07-02Riverdell Spiritual
Olimometer 2.52

Loan amount: $16,000
Loan repayments: $770/quarter
Status: Funded project
Loan repayments received so far:

Work details CostExpected savings
Total: Total:
15 KW System:
- 1 x SMA 15kw Tri Power 3 phase inverter
-, 60 x Suntech
STP-20/WD Poly Panels
- Clenergy Racking
Total cost will be approx $24,000. CORENA loan will be $16,000 and the school will pay the rest themselves.Approx 22,000kWh/year overall (14,666kWh/year from CORENA funded part)
CORENA's part will save approx $3,080/year based on special education dept tariff of 21c/kWh.
Educational monitoring systemTo be donated by Suntrix

Funding for this project was completed on December 17, 2014, but delays in obtaining approval meant the installation could not take place till early March. The system then needed to be inspected and was finally connected on March 24, 2015.