5. Nannup Community Resource Centre, WA

Quick Win project No. 5: Nannup Community Resource Centre

Nannup Community Resource Centre is a not for profit, community managed organisation that provides a wide range of support services for residents of the Nannup area, 269km south of Perth, WA. They provide training and education programs, access to business facilities, and information on community events and government services.

“If there is a support service identified by our community as needed and not already being provided, we try to address this need so our community is not disadvantaged, thereby strengthening the community and building resilience.” Website: http://nannup.crc.net.au/

See live display of current solar generation at http://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?id=47862&sid=43613&v=0

See what has been achieved via the CORENA loan to Nannup CRC so far

Note: The ‘At subsequent projects’ figures should be a bit higher than shown below. This is because we temporarily used some Big Win funds to help fund some of our early Quick Win projects, and when we later repaid that amount to the Big Win fund we used two loan repayments from Nannup ($1,800) to help pay that back. That money is now achieving reductions in carbon emissions via Big Win projects, but that benefit is not reflected in the table shown below.

* Since the amount of CO2 avoided is highly dependent on the fuel source used for local grid electricity, and since subsequent CORENA projects (partly funded by loan repayments from this one) are in different locations and began at various times when different carbon intensity figures applied, we have used 1MWh = 1 tonne as a very rough approximation across all projects.

This solar project is now fully funded – Thank You!

Note: A $7,000 loan of Big Win money was included in the funds used for the Nannup project, primarily so that ‘older’ contributions to the Big Win project could start reducing carbon emissions. In March 2017, this money was repaid to the Big Win fund using loan repayments received from completed Quick Win projects. Details here.

People contributing to Project 5

2015-06-03Hender familySA$64.56
2015-06-03Part of Beechworth Project 3 loan repayment$250.00
2015-06-03Jonathan Maddox Powershop referral bonusNSW$75.00
2015-06-03Peter WadeQld$11/week
2015-06-01Barb FreyWA$8/week
2015-06-01Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2015-06-01Tegan FajardoNSW$50.00
2015-06-01Andrew PhillipsVic$29.00
2015-05-29Mike FNSW$100.00
2015-05-29Chris JonesVic$50.00
2015-05-29Jonathan DoigNSW$10/month
2015-05-29William WeertsQld$50.00
2015-05-28John RollsSA$45/month
2015-05-27Peter WadeQld$11/week
2015-05-26Anton MaurusVic$35/month
2015-05-25Barb FreyWA$8/week
2015-05-25Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2015-05-25MacKenzie Davey$10/month
2015-05-25Lori MylesWA$100.00
2015-05-23Noah ShawNT$48.40
2015-05-22Jean Pierre Redestorff$19.18/month
2015-05-21Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2015-05-21Project 1 loan repayment (Tulgeen Disability Services, NSW)$1,000.00
2015-05-20Peter WadeQld$11/week
2015-05-20David LloydSA$25/month
2015-05-19Project 2 loan repayment (Gawler Community House)$2,142.35
2015-05-19Donation jar at Nannup CRCWA$147.55
2015-05-18Fraser AACT$200.00
2015-05-18Barb FreyWA$8/week
2015-05-18Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2015-05-18Frank LiinQld$10/month
2015-05-18Jonathan MaddoxNSW$50/month
2015-05-16Tim HVic$48.40
2015-05-15Marty BoothNSW$60/month
2015-05-15Gabriel NoronhaNSW$10/month
2015-05-14Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5/month
2015-05-13Peter WadeQld$11/week
2015-05-11Barb FreyWA$8/week
2015-05-11Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2015-05-10very proud and appreciative daughterSA$25.00
2015-05-07Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2015-05-07Shaun DNSW$100.00
2015-05-06Peter WadeQld$11/week
2015-05-04Barb FreyWA$8/week
2015-05-04Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2015-05-04Jacinta GreenNSW$5/month
2015-04-30Wendy HarperQld$100.00
2015-04-29Lucinda MoonSA$100.00
2015-04-29Peter WadeQld$11/week
2015-04-29Jonathan DoigNSW$10/month
2015-04-28John RollsSA$45/month
2015-04-28David ThompsonVic$97.10
2015-04-27Barb FreyWA$8/week
2015-04-27Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2015-04-27Bill Gresham - adds to earlier $400 to make one panelACT$100.00
2015-04-27Anton MaurusVic$35/month
2015-04-23MacKenzie Davey$10/month
2015-04-23Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2015-04-22Peter WadeQld$11/week
2015-04-21Mike FNSW$100.00
2015-04-20David LloydSA$25/month
2015-04-20Barb FreyWA$8/week
2015-04-20Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2015-04-20Bill GreshamACT$400.00
2015-04-17Original Green CoSA$1,000.00
(2 panels)
2015-04-17Sarah and Steven McCabeWA$20/month
2015-04-17Jean Pierre Redestorff$19.18/month
2015-04-16Frank LiinQld$10/month
2015-04-16Jonathan MaddoxNSW$50/month
2015-04-16Transition Town Guildford IncWA$50.00
2015-04-15Peter WadeQld$11/week
2015-04-15Marty BoothNSW$60/month
2015-04-15Gabriel NoronhaNSW$10/month
2015-04-15temporary loan from Big Win fund$7,000.00
2015-04-14Jonathan PrendergastNSW$5/month
2015-04-13Barb FreyWA$8/week
2015-04-13Transition Town Guildford IncWA$200.00
2015-04-13Laquorious DeeSA$10/week
2015-04-13Mike CraddockNSW$100.00
2015-04-10Barb FreyWA$10/week
2015-04-10C MilneWA$50.00
2015-04-09Wayne StanfordSA$25/fortnight
2015-04-08Peter WadeQld$11/week
2015-04-07Patricia KellyQld$150.00
2015-04-07Pete GortonNSW$19.51
Olimometer 2.52

Loan amount: $15,440
Loan repayments: $900/quarter
Status: Funded project
Loan repayments completed:

Work details CostExpected savings
Total: $17,440 Total: $4,577/year
10kW Solar PV installation
40 x ET Solar ET-P660250
Inverter: 1 x STP 10000TL-10
($2,000 to be paid by Nannup CRC itself and $15,440 from CORENA)